Step 1 – Thought Patterns –The Building Stones to Wellbeing

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on June 06 2019

As you think, so shall you become.

Bruce Lee

We live in a crazy, modern world. Everything transforms changes and becomes bigger in a small way. Just think about your shiny smartphone in your hand with which you love to take the dopest pictures for your Instagram. The very data it holds, the options it allows, the work that has been put into it is amazingly enormous. And yet, it’s such a small device that sits on your palm.

A few centuries ago, it was unimaginable for such a device to exist. Even if it was, it would be only considered science fiction and nothing more. A century ago, someone imagined the smartphones that we can’t live without today. Sure, it wasn’t this particular design and not the advanced technology that we use today – but someone thought of creating a phone. Today, life is unimaginable without a smartphone.

One of our favorite writers, Bob Proctor often likes to say:

Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.

Bob Proctor

As seen from the previous example, as much as the quote above might seem unnatural at first, when you think about it a bit, it makes sense. Everything that you see around you at one point was just a thought.

When you start shifting your views to a more realistic perspective, you realize that thoughts are actually very powerful. We’ve discussed the power of thoughts at length in last month’s challenge when we were manifesting with the Law Of Attraction. If you stuck through it, you probably did some manifesting yourself and saw how much power your thoughts hold.

However, it is one thing to perform rituals and exercises for manifestation, and completely another to actually maintain a healthy mind. This month we are trying to help you become a healthier, better version of yourself. And to be healthy, you have to start at the beginning, the very building stones of everything that ever was and ever will be – thoughts.

Although smartphones and today’s technology have made our lives much easier, they have also made life more difficult at the same time. Think of your mind as a machine that is consisted of two parts – one part filters thoughts, and the second part builds according to the filtered thoughts. Essentially, your mind is very easily programmable.

Before the advanced technology came to our lives, we had limited access to information for which we had thoughts. Today, information is everywhere. From the minute you get up to going to work, lunch break, going out with friends, and even just sitting at your home – you are constantly overwhelmed by information.

When you are overwhelmed by information, autopilot mode kicks in. You no longer consciously filter your thoughts. You are letting random information, freely roam through the first part of your mind, and to get picked up and created by the second part of your mind.

In a way, you are allowing your mind to work against you because you have formed so many negative thought patterns unconsciously. And that is no way to create your own damn magic. If you don’t change your negative thought patterns and use your mind to work with you, not against you-you will never be truly healthy.

How to overcome negative thought patterns?

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

We are creatures of habit. What we do and think – everything is essentially a habit. Although it’s hard to change a habit, it is possible. You have to be persistent and try different approaches, but if you want to overcome negative thought patterns and become healthier, you can and you will do it! We have gathered the best tips from personal experience from the whole My Little Magic Shop team to help you banish negative thought patterns:

Devote Time to Yourself

No matter what method you try and use, you have to understand that you have to devote time to become healthier. Because becoming healthier means that you are investing in improving your life. Even if it’s just a couple of hours a week, which you might think it’s impossible in your busy schedule – your life is worth it.

The rest of your life depends on how you spend your time, and in what you invest it in. So, isn’t it worth to invest a little time from your life to become healthier, and get closer to your magic?

Change Actions to Change Thoughts

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

George Bernard Shaw

You have thought in the same way for your whole life. You have thought the same thoughts, and do the same things, and it gave you an unhealthy way of life which doesn’t fulfill you. To make progress, you have to change your thought patterns.

And that is much harder than you thought it would be. Instead of trying to control every thought, and desperately trying to think something different, implement change in your actions first. Even though we are used to having thoughts and then taking actions, taking action to do something you haven’t done before will trigger new thoughts.

Arrange Your Surroundings

Even your surroundings can trigger you into a negative thought pattern. So, make a change and get rid of everything that gets you to easily slip into the same old habit.

-Rearrange your home, and add some crystal spheres, crystal pyramids, and Himalayan salt lamps to increase the positive vibes in your home.

-Clean your home and throw away everything you don’t use, everything that brings bad memories, everything that you have no use of.

-Rearrange your furniture to have more open, uncrowded busy space, even if you have to say goodbye to some of it.

-Clean out your work desk and tidy it up, leaving only the necessary tools for you to work with.

-Avoid people who trigger negative thought patterns, or simply fill you with negative energy.

Say Goodbye to Autopilot mode

When things go wrong, don't go with them.

Elvis Presley

It’s obvious, but just in case you missed it – you have to banish autopilot mode from your life. You have to be present at this moment, right now. It’s easy to sit back and take no responsibility for what gets into your mind, especially when you had a bad day. But, to become healthier, doing the easy thing because taking responsibility is too hard is not an option.

To make the transition from autopilot mode to conscious thinking, a simple habit that you can adapt is talking to yourself in your mind. Yes, we know, it might seem crazy and silly, but it works! And it’s always nice to have someone amazing to talk to, right?

Read More Books

If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.

Haruki Murakami

Books have the power to take you to another world, to read the thoughts of someone else, to learn more, and to shift your perspectives. They are an amazing way to change your same old thought patterns.

Because every book will shape you and leave you a little different than you were when you first started reading the book. Don’t be picky, because every book is different, and even in the most unfavorite genres you can find a gem that you’ll like, and grow from.

Limit Your Information Intake

The very first thing that has started you slipping into autopilot mode and unhealthy thought patterns is the overload of information. So, limit your intake. Leave your mind a little breathing space.

Avoid social media and the news. To be honest, I haven’t even turned on the TV in ages. And I’m better for it. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good show, or that I don’t use social media at all – just that I have chosen to limit my information intake on the necessary and things that really interest me.

We hope that these tips will help you to change your thought patterns and have a healthier mind!

Tune in to our blog for Step 2 next Wednesday!



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