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The Best Self-Care Ritual

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 05 2020

An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.


The most important thing on your journey of creating your own damn magic is to know when to take a little break and recharge your energy. Now, you might think that it’s selfish to take a little time for yourself because we are sure you have important people in your life that need you. But, that is no excuse for giving less importance to yourself. Just think about it.

If you aren’t there, who will take care of the people that you love? If are not healthy, both emotionally and physically, how will you be able to show up for others.  And, even more importantly, how will you manifest your dreams and magic? You ARE important and you MUST take better care of yourself. And most importantly you WILL create your own damn magic and we will be there at every step with you!

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

Anne Lamott

This month we have made a special Manifestation Altar Self-Care Ritual just for you! It’s time to create a sacred space for yourself that you can use for manifestation and meditation.  You can also use this space to cleanse yourself, your home and any sacred objects you have from yuckie energy, and help yourself manifest your goals with each special magical item that we picked for you!

Plus, you will be doing all that while taking a healthy step back from all the stress and chaos of everyday life and you will spark up the magic within you in no time! Here is how to perform it:

1. Find a nice, calm place in your home where you would like to set up your altar

This should be a quiet, private section of your home that won’t be disturbed. Set out each item and place them on the space that you have decided it would be best for you. Try to keep things tidy and organized to get a nice positive energy flow. You can check out some more tips on our blog.

2. Setting Up The Altar

As you know, by chanting Om you are lowering your frequency which in turn helps to bring balance to your mind and body. The Altar Cloth is very important because it covers your items for daily rituals along with the space on which the items are. By having this Rainbow Om Altar Cloth you are not only protecting your mini sacred space, but you also contribute to a good, well-balanced energy flow which is essential in this ritual. Begin your daily rituals by removing the altar cloth so you can use your items.

3. Cleansing Your Space & Tools

Sage is perfect for cleansing any unwanted energy around your sacred space and yourself. As you light the sage stick, inhale deeply and close your eyes. Feel how the sage is slowly pushing out any built-up energy inside you and around you. Now as the sage burns say a blessing: “I cleanse all that might diminish my magic.” As the sage stick burns, slowly bring it near each item from your kit to cleanse as well.  Place the rest of your sage stick into your Flower of Life Aluminum Incense Holder when you’re done.  The Flower of Life symbol shows us that all life is interconnected and emerged from the same source.

5. Lighting Your Ritual Candles

The white candle represents purity, which is perfect for you to start with. By focusing on the flame you can begin to get to know your power.  Meditate on this candle and ask for it to teach you about inner guidance. Feel free to hold out a Hematite Crystal while meditatingThe hematite crystal will aid with cleansing and grounding the energy of the altar.  You can repeat this exercise with any candle depending on what you want to focus on during your meditation.  Check out our blog post on candles and colors for more info.

6. Write A Letter To Yourself

Write a letter to yourself regarding how you wish to develop your intuition, inner peace and self care routines. Write down how you wish to deepen your trust in the magic of the universe and the trust within yourself.  Put the letter in the envelope and place it on the altar. Feel free to read this whenever you need a little reminder of your commitment to grow closer to yourself.

7. Enhance The Positive Energy

Now it’s time to focus the positive energy on your goals and yourself. Begin by meditating and feeling the positive energy within you. Now take the wand and with the pointy end direct it from yourself to your altar. Then, with the round end spread the positive energy around altar and yourself.

Now say a little prayer of gratefulness for how your intuition is already growing. Put out the candles and the sage stick. And by this amazing ritual and cleansing process, feel the magic within you awake!

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