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Step 3 - Your “Me Time”

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on February 18 2019

In this unhealthy modern way of life, filled with so many obligations we are often putting ourselves on the last place. Day by day, time passes and yet every day seems the same to you. And why is that? Perhaps because you are so used to living your life under constant pressure – as we are all.

Furthermore, even when there are brief moments without pressure, stress, depression, and anxiety make sure to fill the gap. So, when exactly are you living? When exactly can you develop self-love if you continue the same way of life? That’s right, to continue your self-love transformation you have to live, and to live you have to make the time for it.

How to make time for yourself?

Making time for yourself is easier said than done, and we know that the best. However, all is not lost, because even in the busiest schedules, you CAN make time if you are willing to. Here are a few tips:

- Make a schedule

You’d be surprised how much you can achieve by making a schedule for your day the night before. First of all, you will feel at ease because you won’t be wondering all night whether or not you are forgetting some of the obligations for tomorrow. Second of all, you will be surprised at how much time you are wasting right now. Just think about it, are you always so busy or are you procrastinating a lot? Are you really using your time efficiently, or have you taken the wrong order to do things?

- Take two hours off every day

Okay, it’s not easy to make time, but two hours a day shouldn’t be too much on you. Wake up an hour earlier and go to bed one hour earlier to start your day the right way. Then, don’t stay after work for some extra hours. Leave when your work time is over. Then take one more hour for yourself after work. You would be surprised how effective these small changes can be.

- Making time on an incredibly busy schedule

Okay, you are quite the busy bee so these solutions don’t really work for you. But, no worries we meant what we said. You CAN find the time if you are willing to:

Exercise 1 – Take 3 breaks of 15 minutes

Let’s face it, 15 minutes won’t help you achieve the impossible standards you have set up on yourself. But, 15 minutes a day can do wonders for your self-love transformation. Every day, three times a day take 15-minute breaks for yourself. It’s that simple!

Exercise 2 – Use your alarm clock

Every day, setup 3 random alarm clocks during the day. When the alarm goes off, take a 5-minute break. Think of your happy memories, think of the positive sides of you, and how you accept even your imperfections. Let that feeling of warmth overwhelm you. You can even chant your self-love affirmations. Simple, right? And it will do wonders for you, we promise!

How to use your “Me Time” wisely?

Okay, now you know how to make some “Me Time” even in the busiest days. All you have to learn now is how to use it. Here are a few examples:


Meditation is a cure for the soul. There simply isn’t a better habit to develop for a healthier life in all spheres of your existence including personal growth and developing self-love. The benefits of meditation are immense – reduced depression, stress, anxiety and increased serotonin ( the happiness hormone), stabilizing blood pressure, boosting your immune system, becoming more patient, relaxed, settled – at peace with the world outwards and within. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? That is why we are putting it as your number 1 option! Here is a guide on how to start meditating and some guided meditations.


If you aren’t that much into meditation, then the simple thing to do is to reflect on how the day went, what you feel now and why you feel that way. Making order into the chaos of your thoughts that keep buzzing into your mind, never letting you to take a breath, is very beneficial because you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself. And understanding yourself and who you are is the first, most important step towards your self-love transformation.

Do a ritual

One of the most efficient ways to spend your time is to do a ritual every day. We absolutely love doing little rituals to let go of everything that keeps us from going forward and keeps us focused. We like to use different rituals, but you can do just one.

Ritual N1 – Candle Carving

Candle carving is usually used when setting intentions. It is believed that when you set your intentions into the candle by carving it when the candle burns out your intention will be sent out into the Universe. By sending your intention to the Universe you are triggering the Law of Attraction, to help you make your intention into reality. Amazing, isn’t it?

- Pick the right candle. For example, for setting the intention to awaken your self-love we would definitely recommend the Heart Chakra Pillar.

- Candle carving can get a little messy, so try to do this ritual somewhere in your home where it will be easy for you to clean up afterward. Here is how to carve your candles?

- Do a little research on the symbols that you want to carve into your candle. We recommend for self-love to use the first letter of your name at the center, and carve the heart symbol around it.

- Cleanse your candle by leaving it under moonlight, sunlight, or the simplest way – by holding it over sage. Breathe in and breathe out. Sage is a powerful cleanser of negative energy and airborne bacteria.

- Cover your candle with essential oils. You can pick your favorites. We absolutely love the Little Joy Oil, it’s the best for this ritual!

Now it’s time to start carving!

All you have to do after this is light your candle every day until it burns out.

Click here to learn more about candle carving.

Ritual N2 – Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is certainly a cure for your soul. Smell leaves a pretty strong imprint on your brain, so whenever you are around a smell that triggers a certain memory, the same emotions will be evoked from your memories. This is very useful during meditation and yoga. But, you don’t have to specifically pair it up with those two. Here is how to use aromatherapy to awaken self-love:

- Mix Essential Oils to get a specific smell that only you will recognize and connect to self-love. Then add a drop of that mix on one of your wrists to help you maintain the love for yourself during the day.

- Massage yourself with Essential Oils (especially your wrists, hands, and ankles)

- Set up a relaxing atmosphere by lighting candles, putting a few drops of essential oils in them as you chant self-love affirmations.

Take a bath

The healing power of water is absolutely amazing. After all, we are 70% water, right? By taking a long, relaxing bath you can leave all the negative patterns behind and give yourself the love you deserve. You can light some candles, put a few drops of essential oils in your bathtub, bring your crystals along, and really just pamper yourself for an hour. You would be surprised how much a simple bath can change your whole day and mood!

Crystal Healing

The gifts from our Mother Earth are a perfect set to help you ease your journey towards self-love transformation. There are a ton of crystals out there, each radiating with unique energy frequencies that can help you get in touch with your self-love and self-worth. We would recommend pairing up with Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Malachite, Unakite, Pink Magano or Sunstone. Heck, you could use them all! The more the merrier!

Read an Amazing Book

Just because you’re out of school, that doesn’t mean that you should stop learning. There are so many amazing things out there in the world, it is really privileged to be able to live at a time when you can learn everything you want. Even self-love. So learn from the best here and here!

Start Your Own Journal

Sometimes there are so many things going around every day that you always forget about your self-love transformation and you fall back into old habits. The easiest way is to write down your days in a journal, where it will become much clearer to you when and where you slip up, and just in general, to bring order to your thoughts.

Tune in to our blog to complete the Self-Love Transformation!



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