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Setting Your Taurus New Moon Intentions

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on April 21 2020

On the 19th, the Sun enters Taurus, so get ready for the season of slow change, rest and quiet determination, a season that helps us reconnect to what is simple and natural in life. The Sun-Saturn square on the 21st is a challenging start that can confront us with the pressure of material needs. Is the online environment (Saturn in Aquarius) enough to fulfill our daily necessities (Sun in Taurus) or do we need more to feel alive, connected, loved? This is just one of the questions that the powerful Taurus New Moon on the 22nd can bring.

In close conjunction with Uranus, this New Moon can bring unexpected events linked to money or business, circumstances that make us shift the way we perceive wealth and security. We could see a peak point in the economic changes triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. These changes could feel restricting (The New Moon squares Saturn), prompting us to organize our resources better and to avoid wasting them as we’ve been doing until now (The New Moon squares Jupiter).

It’s a transformative time for everyone. Pluto stationing towards retrograde for the second half of the month only makes it more intense, prompting us to dig deep for hidden resources that can help us survive and thrive. Set your intentions linked to finances, business, values, your connection to your body and to nature and trust the higher purpose of these challenging times.

New Moon In Taurus

The Moon meets the Sun in the earthy sign of Taurus on April 22, sowing the seeds of a new cycle in the area of finances, resources, business, the physical body, our relationship with nature. The New Moon’s conjunction with Uranus, the symbol of change and revolution, makes this a groundbreaking moment, a time of uncertainty, upheaval and major changes in finance and business. 

We can clearly see how this applies to the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The need to isolate brings us back to the simple things in life, to daily routines and rituals, to taking care of our body. Unintentionally, we’re also giving Mother Earth a break from pollution. The Taurus New Moon can mark a moment when uncertainty and unpredictability reach a peak point in our lives, before the beginning of a new cycle that requires more humane values and habits.

The New Moon’s square with Saturn in Aquarius makes it clear that this is not an easy moment. Material limitations, the strain on resources, the need for survival are real concerns at this time, prompting us to use our resources skillfully and to organize our lives better. There are boundaries (Saturn) to our freedom (Aquarius) at this time, and we’re called to make the best of it. The New Moon’s square to Jupiter can amplify the need for security and safety in the middle of uncharted waters; let’s find organic ways to bring more predictability in our lives through simple routines, grounding exercises, gratefulness, meal or exercise plans.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is in curious Gemini since the beginning of the month, while Mars is in revolutionary Aquarius. We’re likely to see a lot of changes and innovation in the new cycle. Dare to imagine alternatives and possibilities at this time, asking yourself where you want your life to go next and setting your intentions… while keeping in mind that the universe (represented by Uranus in this case) might have different plans. 

The New Moon takes place on the 4th degree of Taurus, a degree with the symbol “A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”.  The image makes us think of wealth, abundance, a hopeful promise in the middle of the rain. Even if it’s all crazy right now, let’s trust our power to adapt, find the gold in simple moments and find small ways to place our trust in the future.

Taurus New Moon Intention Setting Ritual

  • First off, a little brainstorming! What do you want to achieve this month? Taurus season is the best time to work on balancing yourself, finding your inner strength, decluttering, grounding yourself, and increasing your life energy. Whichever you pick, write it down on a piece of paper in one sentence. Make it as clear and concise as you can.

  • Then, sit down and cleanse your space to start on a clear slate. Use Sage or Palo Santo.

  • Once you are ready, take a few deep breaths to calm yourself down. Breathe. Nice, calm, deep breaths.

  • Then, take a Clear Quartz sphere into each palm, close your eyes and focus on your intention.

  • Repeat it clearly 3 times.

  • Breathe and let the energy of the Clear Quartz resonate with you.

  • Then, place the Clear Quartz spheres in the room in which you spend the most time in, and right below them the piece of paper with the intention you wrote down.

  • Thank the Universe for the beautiful energy for setting your intentions.

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