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Step 4 – Setting Goals For Achieving Abundance

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on November 27 2019

Dear Magic Makers,

Achieving abundance and wealth is a part of creating your own magic. We have shared with you our most magical abundance rituals in previous steps, and we have also shared with you things that might be holding you back in achieving abundance. With all said and done, we will be finishing off this step with a few exercises and tips that can help you to set your goals and an actionable plan for achieving extra cash and wealth. Here are a few tips:

1. Check Your Mindset

The very first thing that you should figure out is which thought patterns are keeping you from achieving wealth. Do you feel conflicted – like you need the money, but you also feel like you are being greedy? Do you feel guilty that you are wishing for abundance? Do you maybe feel you don’t deserve a prosperous life?

Whichever thought is keeping you conflicted and feeling guilty, is the one mindset that you should get rid of. Think of it this way – you are working for every cent that you are earning, and you are simply looking for other ways to earn extra cash. You are doing this with your own effort, and you are after all earning your income - you are not stealing it. So, why should you feel unworthy of abundance, when you are clearly manifesting and working on achieving it on your own?

No matter how counter-intuitive it might feel for you, always counter your negative thoughts with reasonable, positive arguments. By doing so, you are breaking off those thought patterns which are holding you back from a wealthy life filled with abundance and prosperity.

2. Make Your Goals As Clear As Possible

It’s time to be true to yourself – yes you want to achieve prosperity and wealth in your life. You have cleared your mindset. But what exactly does prosperity mean for you? Make sure you define it clearly in your mind. Next, make sure that you have a clear goal in your mind, based on your definition of abundance.

If you want to manifest extra income, how much would your ideal income be? How much would you like to have saved on your bank account? Get a piece of paper, and write these things down. And don’t write down what you think you can save at the moment – write down what you truly want to have and achieve, no matter how big the goal, no matter how insane it might seem to you!

3. Have A Plan

One of the most important things when setting goals is to create a plan for them. The thing is, when you start mapping out plans step by step, you always stumble on many things that you haven’t thought about. Sometimes even the simplest goals can have many more steps than you originally thought. The good thing about mapping out plans is getting a realistic perspective if you have underestimated your goals.

Because the n1 factor for giving up to early is when you start working towards something that you thought would be easy, and yet it turned so complicated and hard that you have accepted a mindset that says “I can’t do this”. And that is simply not true. You just don’t want to put in the effort to achieve your goals. Instead of doing that, start mapping out your plans, know what you will be getting yourself into and have a loose timeframe for every goal that you have.

We also recommend that you make sure you do your research properly for manifesting abundance – explore every possibility. Make a list of your skills, skills you wish to learn (no matter how useless they might seem to be) and skills you’ll need to achieve your goals. The goal of this is to explore every possibility for you to achieve extra income.

The key to earning extra cash is not to simply focus on one income possibility only but to focus on achieving a few sustainable places of income. Even if it is a few extra bucks, you never know where that tiny side job might lead you. Get into the habit of always exploring what you can do with your talents and skills, and always look for new possibilities. Even 5 extra bucks a day, when set aside for a year turn into $1825 at the end of the year. And although it might not seem close to your goals, it’s a start! Our point is, don’t underestimate even the tiniest sources of income.

4. Work Your Magic Regularly

If you want to achieve abundance and wealth, working on your magic regularly will be a tremendous help for achieving that goal. It’s important to set a habit of practicing one minor ritual daily and one bigger, more time demanding weekly.

Even if you feel like you don’t have the time to work on a more complicated ritual, we urge you to at least cleanse yourself and your space, to get rid of negative vibes. Don’t let any extra icky vibes pull you back when you are trying so hard to move forward! In previous steps we shared with you a few of our best abundance achieving rituals, so make sure that you check out the previous steps of these growth plans as well!



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