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Copy of September Monthly Horoscope - Aries

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on February 06 2021

Dear Aries, the focus is on work and health for you in the first part of the month. Work hard, take initiative and walk your talk at work around the 2nd and the 3rd! If challenges appear, especially around the 5th or the 6th, they might be there to test your resolve. Putting in the hours right now will really help your career; if you’re tempted to overdo either work or idleness, keep your ideals in sight, but trust that you will reach them step by step. On the 14th, the Pisces Full Moon can be a tearjerker for you as emotions come to the surface, asking you to take a break, to relax, to reconnect in one way or another. How have you been taking care of your soul these past months, how have you balanced working life with relaxation? It might be difficult to figure out your ideals or your beliefs at this time. Take it easy and set an intention to let go of those habits and addictions that no longer serve you on your path. Your nighttime dreams can be of great help right now! Starting with the 18th, you might see how progress in your career comes easier, depending on your efforts from the past months. On the 19th, you’re supported to work extra hard, but without exhausting yourself as you face the challenges that are coming your way, while around the 21st you might be feeling confused about your ideals, your beliefs, your desire to travel - work through it slowly, set boundaries if you feel like you’re giving too much and trust that things will be clearer in time. On the 25th, a past relationship where there were authority issues might call for your attention- slowly put your trust back in love and work on being your own boss, so others won’t step in to take that position in your place. The Libra New Moon on the 28th marks a new beginning in your relationships and partnerships, prompting you to see what you really want and need, what’s been holding you back, what needs to be rebuilt or let go of. How can you balance self and others, give and take in a more efficient way in your relationships?

Magical Dates:

Love: 14-30 (Venus in your house of relationships), especially the 28th 

Career: 1

Money: 28

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 09/14

New Moon: 09/28

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