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September Monthly Horoscope - Aquarius

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on September 01 2020

Dear Aquarius, the Pisces Full Moon on the 2nd targets the area of money, resources, skills, and the physical body in your chart. It’s a moment when you can see results or reach peak moments in your business or regarding your skills. How can you balance pragmatism with an awareness of what lies beyond the mundane? Your body might be sending you powerful signals at this time, while unexpected changes in your home and family can help you release attachments or values that no longer serve you. This Full Moon tells you that the physical side of life can be a gateway towards spirit! Around the 4th, stay mindful of opinion clashes with your relatives, co-workers or subordinates. How can you express yourself assertively while finding understanding for different perspectives and ways of life?

Starting from September 9, you’ll be revisiting past issues around anger, conflicts, assertiveness, education, and learning. Whether you’ve been afraid to speak up… or speaking up too loudly, the following two months are a time when past misunderstandings might resurface, prompting you to find balance in the way you communicate with others. The aim is to express more confidence in your voice and your mental skills. You can also redo a communication or education project at this time. Starting from the 12th, it will be easier for you to connect to your spiritual guides and to trust that the Universe has your back, after four months when you might’ve gone through tests of faith.

Around the 14th and the 17th, you could be going through some deep transformations on an emotional level; the Universe supports you to connect to your emotions, even when they’re unpleasant, and to let go of what no longer serves you. The Virgo New Moon on the 17th highlights the area of shared finances, sexuality, deep psychology, and transformation for you, marking a new milestone on your path towards self (and other) discovery. What is beginning in these areas of your life? What new knowledge are you discovering and what are your intentions when it comes to your shadow side, your fears, your desires? Remember that this is a time for reflection rather than for jumping to conclusions or making rash decisions, especially in the financial area.

Starting from the 22nd, the next month will be all about higher knowledge and adventures for you, so take a step back and see how you can expand your horizons even more. There might be some arguments around the 24th, perhaps clashes of beliefs with relatives or with a teacher. How can you hear the other person out, understanding their perspective while still speaking your mind loud and clear? You could be challenged to find a middle point between self-assertion and compromise.

On the 28th, it’s a great time for romance and fun! Past misunderstandings with your partner or with friends can be easier to manage as you’ll find it easier to strike a balance between giving and taking, speaking and listening. Enjoy the positive vibe and the passion that this day can bring, using its gifts especially as the 29th can uncover some past wounds linked to personal beliefs and freedom of expression. Starting from the 29th, you could feel that long-term trials and difficulties are starting to ease up, allowing you to integrate the lessons learned and to move forward with more discipline and faith, even in the middle of challenges.

Magical Dates:

Love: 4, 6-30 (Venus in your house of relationships), especially 9

Career: 28

Money: 2 (Full Moon in your house of money), 9, 12

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 9/2

New Moon: 9/17

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