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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon In Capricorn

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on August 02 2020

Two weeks after the New Moon, we’ve reached the half and the peak of the cycle: the moment when what has been unfolding until now is being fully realized. The bold moonlight brings to surface our progress from the past two weeks and, in a more general sense, from the past 6 months, since the New Moon that took place in this Full Moon’s sign.

The Moon is now opposite the Sun, with the Earth in the middle. The light of spirit fully illuminates our deepest emotions, patterns, and habits: it’s difficult to swipe them under the rug as we usually do. This is what the Full Moon craze is all about- we can’t hide our instinctual side anymore.

The Full Moon sign reveals to us the archetype whose wild side we can embody, from untamed Aries to deeply emotional Pisces. The Sun-Moon opposition can highlight extremes and conflicts in our inner being and in our lives, as Sol’s conscious intent can bump heads with the Moon’s unnamed instincts.

Depending on how things have been working out for us, be it through personal effort, divine inspiration, or ideally both, this is either a time of celebration or of reconsideration. Either way, it can get intense. Try not to put yourself down for what has passed- if possible, postpone any self-critique tendencies for when the Full Moon passes, your head clears again and you can look back at the situation with more calm.

What Is The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon In Capricorn Optimal For?

July brings us the last Capricorn eclipse of the Cancer-Capricorn season, a source of concentrated energy that faces us with our past, triggering important releases and showing major results from the past two years.

During this time, the South Node of karma in industrious Capricorn has helped us shed outdated social prescriptions and judgments, while the North Node in Cancer has pointed toward self-care, empathy, intuition, and authenticity. Between the two, we’ve been looking for our place in the world.

With this last eclipse taking place near the South Node while Saturn, the lord of karma and the ruler of Capricorn, retrogrades in the last degree of his home sign, we’re facing echoes from our past, seeing the results of our conscious efforts to reach our long-term goals in the last years. This is true especially in the area of life represented by the house where we have the 14th degree of Capricorn.Since a Lunar Eclipse is an amplified Full Moon, this is a moment that reveals new info and brings the results- action and consequence, karma at its best- of our previous efforts. How organized were you in the area of life influenced by the Eclipse? Did you find ways to delay gratification and to discipline yourself to fulfill your objectives? If yes, it’s time to notice the outcomes, appreciate yourself for the success and plan further; if not, this is the perfect moment to go back to the drawing board and to rethink your strategy.

We can also see the fruit of our attitude towards work, particularly the type of work indicated by our Capricorn house. We could become more aware of pressure, judgment, self-criticism, and habits of overworking or procrastination. This is a serious Eclipse, but it shouldn’t be scary; Capricorn is a sign that fuels our dreams in the long run and pushes us to become the best version of ourselves, often through testing our endurance.

With the Sun and Mercury in emotional Cancer, we’re also pulled in the direction of connecting with our feelings and our roots, remembering and integrating pieces of the past. Some of us could heal family or generational patterns, while others could reconsider their relationship with their parents, their home, or their country. As we revisit our past, it’s becoming clearer what we want to leave behind and what we’re carrying with us into the future.

Intense Jupiter-Pluto conjunction near the Eclipse deepens the focus on work and discipline and reveals our power to transform rigid beliefs or habits into energy that helps us grow. Since both planets are retrograde, we’re also looking towards the past and retrieving lost pieces of ourselves, perhaps hidden because we’ve been expecting judgment or rejection for them. Revolutionary Uranus trining this Eclipse gives us the energy to break the mold, to see things from a different perspective, daring to do our own thing and to become more at peace with the fact that we won’t be able (and we don’t need) to please or to impress everyone we meet. Uranus can also bring sudden shifts in our lives, unexpected and freeing situations that help us shake the habitual.

Reconsiderations, wrap-ups, and turning points are in store for all of us, but if you have planets or important points around the 14th degree of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, you’ll be feeling this Eclipse the most.

Human Crystal Grid For Cleansing & Letting Go

This is an excellent time for taking a step back, dissolving energy blocks, cleansing all negative vibes, and letting go of all that no longer serves you. We will make a human crystal grid to release negative vibes and reenergize ourselves.

For this ritual, you will need some sage smudge sticks, selenite crystal wand, a pair of selenite harmonizers, and 4 pieces of black tourmaline.

  • First off let’s start by cleansing your home and tools. Stand in front of your front door, and light your sage stick. Make sure you have something to put the sage on when you light it so that you don’t accidentally burn yourself. Take three deep breaths, and then start moving to your right wall and follow it, smudging your home – especially your corners. Go from room to room, and make sure you cleanse your whole home. Lastly, envelop your tools with sage smoke. Then, open all your windows and let the smoke along with all negative vibes that might be lurking around in your home or tools.

  • Clear out some space on the floor, and place a yoga mat or a blanket to sit on. Cleaning up the floor a little is a great idea as well. Take your selenite harmonizers in your hands, and take a few deep calming breaths. Then whisper to the harmonizers – “energize”. Then place one on the left side and the other harmonizer on the right side.

  • Then take your Black Tourmaline and take a few deep breaths. Then whisper to the pieces of Black Tourmaline – ‘cleanse’. Then place two in front of you and two behind you.

  • Before you step in the crystal grid and sit to meditate, take your Selenite wand in your right hand, and make three circles around yourself with the pointy end upwards. Then take the wand and massage your body with the other end to dissolve energy blocks within you.

  • Now, step into your crystal grid, and take three deep breaths. Visualize all the negative energy within you getting sucked by the Black Tourmaline. Allow its grounding, calming energy to guide you towards complete cleansing. Will yourself to let go of everything that doesn’t serve you.

  • Then take your selenite harmonizers and meditate with them, and allow them to re-energize you.

  • Finally put the black tourmaline overnight on top of the selenite, to re-energize it. Then place it in 4 corners of your home to set up a protective shield around your home, and keep negative vibes away from your home.

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