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October Monthly Horoscope - Gemini

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on October 01 2020

Dear Gemini, the Aries Full Moon on the 1st brings results and peak moments when it comes to your friendships, group involvements, hopes for the future, and innovative interests such as astrology or science. How do you differentiate yourself as a part of a group, perhaps taking on a leadership role? How do you contribute to the changes you want to see in the world… and with whom? Find healthy ways to blow off some steam and don’t be afraid to do your own thing for a while if you need more freedom than usual.

The first week of October can bring power struggles or intense, transformative experiences when it comes to your shared finances, traumas, and sexuality, while the 9th could bring clashes with friends or the resurfacing of past wounds linked to belonging or being different. It’s a time when tension that has been building beneath the surface could reach a breaking point, prompting you to seek more freedom and assertiveness in your relationships. 

Starting from the 13th, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio asks you to reflect and reconsider things linked to your daily work and health habits. You’re one of the signs who will feel this retro season the most! This is a good time to double-check work contracts and tasks, to see what you want to change in your daily routine (perhaps by picking up a health habit you’ve abandoned), and to reflect on your commitment to your daily work. Make sure to take breaks and avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. On the 16th, the Libra New Moon marks a new beginning for you in the area of creativity, education, and romance as you’re navigating challenges linked to groups, friendships, love, sex, deep emotions. What intentions are you setting when it comes to using your creative talents? How can you let your inner child express itself?

Stay mindful of your impulses around the 19th; you might have a lot of energy bubbling under the surface and you might need more freedom than usual. The week between the 18th and the 24th can bring abundance and transformation when it comes to family, home, shared finances, as well as inner security and self-knowledge. It’s a good time to sit with your feelings and to set boundaries in your closest relationships. Starting from the 22nd, Scorpio season strengthens the focus on your daily work and health for the following month, areas triggered by Mercury retrograde as well.

Starting from the 27th, Mercury retrograde in Libra will have you reconsidering your relationships with your partner and your children, as well as your way of expressing your creativity, while Venus in Libra can bring some much-needed understanding and relief in the same areas… even as you keep processing frustrations and negotiating terms. Finally, the Taurus Full Moon on the 31st can bring vivid dreams, oscillating emotions and deep insights, shaking up your inner world and making you reconsider your addictions, your hopes, your beliefs. What attachments or emotions do you need to let go of so you can welcome a fresh start into your life? At this time, it helps to feel your emotions fully in order to process them and let them go.

Magical Dates:

Love: 10, 12, 16 (New Moon in your house of romance), 19, 21, 27-31 (Venus in your house of romance)

Career: 12, 19

Money: 9

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 10/1, 10/31

New Moon: 10/16

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