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Monthly Horoscope - October Monthly Horoscope 2020

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on October 01 2020


October Monthly Horoscope 2020

Dear readers, After a challenging September, the second month of autumn makes its debut with a powerful Aries Full Moon on the 1st. Emotions are heightened and conflicts can escalate with ease in a cosmic context that highlights the individual will above everything else. Where does your inner power lie? How can you balance your own desires with a little compromise and diplomacy? Now we can see results or experience peak moments when it comes to our self-expression, initiative, creativity, and leadership, depending on what we’ve been cooking in these areas for the past six months. Starting from the 2nd, love goddess Venus shifts towards a serious, reserved and practical kind of energy in our relationships as she enters hard-working Virgo. October will be all about mental connection, working in harmony with others, and cultivating appreciation for everything simple and organic. 

On the 4th, subterranean god Pluto finally goes direct after six months of retrogradation, giving us the green light in matters linked to shared resources, sex, shadow work, power, and transformation. From September 30 to October 9, when Pluto will be stationing, pay attention to pivotal events happening in these areas. What secrets are coming to the surface? How are you being led to discover more of your inner power? Things will get intense especially around the 9th, when Pluto squaring headstrong Mars in Aries could give birth to frustration and power struggles. Battles of will and attempts to gain the upper hand are best approached with confidence, but also with mindfulness and restraint- Mars is, after all, still retrograde, urging us to keep our impulses in check. In the middle of it all, Venus trining Uranus on the 10th can help us with a new perspective and more freedom at work and in our relationships.

On the 12th, we have the final Jupiter-Neptune sextile of the year. This aspect brings hope, vision, and opportunity into our lives, softening the blow of rougher astrological transits. What are your dreams telling you? This is a great time for art, meditation, and selfless acts; the opportunities that arise could echo events that happened around February 20 or July 27. On the 13th, Mercury goes retrograde in transformative Scorpio, marking the start of two weeks when we’ll be prompted to do some deep inner work, digging to uncover hidden information, buried emotions, past traumas, old relationships. The effect that other people’s energy had on us in the past will become more obvious now. This week will be particularly intense as the Sun opposing retrograde Mars can bring up some conflicts from the past and the Libra New Moon on the 16th prompts us to start again in our relationships. This New Moon is another opportunity to grow through challenges, something that we’ve gotten used to since September! Where can you compromise more in your relationships? Where do you need to be on your own and where can you learn to ask for help? Taking responsibility for our part of the deal becomes crucial at this time, and so does working with our emotions in the middle of relational tests.

The week between the 18th and the 24th will keep challenging us to implement the intentions that we’ve set on the Libra New Moon when it comes to relationships, partnerships, work, responsibility, and the way we relate to authority. Luckily, the trines of Venus with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto bring powerful support for transforming our relationships and the way we approach our daily duties. Setting strong boundaries, assuming more responsibility at work, exploring our shadow side in relationships, and finding space for love and faith in the middle of it all are just a few things that can help us this week. The Venus-Jupiter trine is an aspect of abundance and joy, so make sure you use it to the max by counting your blessings, even when things are crazy! On the 22th, the Sun entering Scorpio marks a transition to the time of the year when the veil lifts and we’re welcomed to explore the unseen side of life: spirituality, psychology, intimacy, the demons and the treasures within. We’re likely to be more private during the following month, valuing trust and commitment above all. 

On the 27th, retrograde Mercury shifts into Libra, where he will prompt us to analyze our commitments, our contracts, our established relationships… and our established way of thinking about them. Until November 3, communication might be a little rocky, so make an extra effort to be clear and to tolerate some uncertainty before you can reach a workable compromise. Our luck is that love goddess Venus enters Libra on the same day as Mercury, bringing a wave of much-needed gentleness and amiability in our relationships. For the following month, it will be easier to talk things out instead of reacting on a whim as we’re supported to accept different perspectives and to reach a middle ground. Venus in Libra is also a great transit for socializing, romance, and art, so have some fun in the next month- you deserve it!

Finally, an electric Taurus Full Moon is the cherry on top for this packed month. On the 31st, the Moon forms an exact conjunction with revolutionary Uranus as she opposes the Scorpio Sun. This is bound to be a transformative moment when buried emotions come to the surface, while old habits and attachments are being put to the test. What is shaking up in your life in the area of finances, material security, and personal values? What does the Universe push you to let go of to make space for a new desire, perhaps something you’ve been working on for the past months? Read below for your Sun Sign and Ascendant to find out more!



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