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Copy of Monthly Horoscope - October Monthly Horoscope 2019

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on February 06 2021


October Monthly Horoscope 2019

Dear readers, we’re starting October with a Venus-Pluto square on the 1st that asks us to be mindful of obsessions or power struggles in relationships- it’s better that no one wears the pants these days (both figuratively …and literally, if possible). Pluto’s station towards direct is sure to intensify things related to sexuality, mystery and power in the first half of the month, as it resumes direct movement after four months of retrogradation. Hang on- it gets easier! If you feel like you or your relationship have been going through a transformative period since May, from now on you will be able to see concrete results and progress. Starting from the 4th, Mars enters peace-loving Libra, where he will remain for more than a month. Fiery Mars doesn’t exactly feel like home in this sign- we could find that it’s difficult to maintain a balance between giving and taking, between compromise and assertion in relationships. On the bright side, we’ll be ready to fight for what is fair and for the relationships that we treasure, even if this might mean troubling waters  that once appeared to be calm.
On the 7th, the Sun’s square to Saturn can have us feeling down in the dumps- don’t worry, the limitations that we might be perceiving are only telling us to stay patient, to keep working and to keep building good relationships with others and with ourselves. We’re on a quest for balance during this time of the year. On the 12th, loving Venus leaves her cozy Libra home and enters poignant Scorpio, where she will be stirring up a hornet’s nest to bring more passion, intensity, but also a need for more secrecy and self-protection in our relationships. We might be feeling a big need for change and novelty around these days, as Venus opposes freedom-loving Uranus. On the 13th, we have a Full Moon in Aries that is sure to make our blood boil- hopefully not with anger, but with passion and excitement. How have you been taking initiative and fighting for what you believe in since April? How have you been marrying self-interest with collaboration? This Full Moon forms a lucky pattern together with the Sun and Jupiter, making it a time when masculine energy is at its peak and when solutions to our problems could appear serendipitously. At the same time, it’s not all fun and games. Tense aspects with Saturn and with Pluto show that we’re likely  to feel limited or blocked in some way, especially in our relationships. Karmic issues could intensify, asking for a conclusion, for a transformation of some kind. If you’re feeling angry or restless, sweat or shout it out- this is not a time to sit on the fence (as long as you remember moderation and the smallest bit of patience, to avoid frustration).
The following week supports effort and dedication in our studies and in our relationships as Scorpio Mercury and Venus form sextiles with Saturn and with Pluto. It isn’t a happy-go-lucky-vibe, but rather a serious tone that has us seeing beyond games or pretense right into the heart of the matter. On the 15th, Mercury’s watery trine with Neptune is a great aspect for dreaming and for art of any kind, as well as for deep conversations with close ones. Finally, Venus’ trine with the North Node on the 17th can be a guiding light that gets us closer to our life purpose through those connections in our lives that are filled with deep, authentic relating.
On the 21st, Venus also forms a beautiful trine with her higher version, Neptune, making us don our rosy-colored glasses for some lovely romantic or creative times. Don’t be afraid to escape reality for a while through a movie, a good book or simply through daydreaming these days- you’ll need it as Mars squares  the Moon’s Nodes, possibly giving us a kind kick forward in the direction of our goals. On the 23rd, the Sun  enters Scorpio- it’s officially autumn, the dark, stirring kind that faces us with the natural processes of death and rebirth. What thoughts, feelings, habits need to be transformed in your life? How can you meet your shadow without running away? The Scorpio New Moon on the 27th can offer some answers as she supports us to set intentions of growth and transformation. Emotions will be running high as we’re faced with having to accept ourselves, all of what we are, at the dawn of a new beginning. This New Moon is in exact opposition with Uranus, shouting loud and clear about a need to change what is stagnant, whether it’s an attachment, a feeling, a thought, an attitude towards our resources, towards ourselves or others. If it’s difficult for us to initiate it, change could come abruptly through exterior circumstances. At the same time, Mars, Scorpio’s ruler, will form an exact square with Saturn on this day, making it an extra serious moment when we’re called to fight for what is fair, but with patience and perseverance, trusting that we can make the changes that we need in time. This combination of very different energies (Uranus- sudden change, Saturn- limits, delays) could leave many of us frustrated. Don’t let yourself lose hope- this is one more test, one more question: “How bad do you want what you want? What are you willing to do for it?”
Finally, on the 31st, Mercury starts retrograding in Scorpio until the 20th of November. Perhaps you’ve already been feeling the effects of the retrograde in the second part of the month- unclear communication, mixed up messages, mishaps with documents or with daily commute. Starting from the 31st, these situations could intensify, doubled by Scorpio’s incisive style: secrets from the past could come up to the surface and lies have little chance of survival now. If an ex shows up in your life, stay mindful of what (if anything) you still got to share with them. If you still carry some resentment, it can help to go over past situations in your mind and to re-write them from a different perspective.

How will this October unfold for you? Read below to find out!



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