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Monthly Horoscope - November Monthly Horoscope 2020

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on November 01 2020


November Monthly Horoscope 2020

Have those Mercury retrograde hijinks been getting on your nerves? On the 3rd, the messenger god goes direct again in the airy sign of Libra, helping us tie up loose ends from the past weeks, especially in the area of relationships and partnerships. With retro Mercury squaring duty-bound Saturn on the 1st, then again on the 6th as it moves forward, the first week of November will be about finding efficient, responsible ways of communicating with others as we integrate what we’ve learned during these past weeks. The atmosphere might be somewhat gloomy, and we might notice that there’s still a sense of pressure or restriction in our environment. It’s time to focus on getting things done, while also staying mindful to bring a little ease and confidence in the way we relate to others day by day.

The second week of November is a packed one! First things first, the Venus-Mars opposition on the 9th could reactivate themes from mid-October linked to self-confidence, assertion, and compromise. Both Venus and Mars are strong in their home signs, Libra and Aries, and the tension between them can feel like a string pulled taut between self and others, personal will and the need to compromise. With Mars still retrograde, conflict isn’t likely to be productive at this time, but we might get the feeling that we’re finally nearing a resolution point. In the same vein, Mercury moves forward into Scorpio on the 10th, helping us work out the deep stuff (secrets, fears, desires, resentments) that has been resurfacing in the second part of October. 

Between the 12th and the 16th, fiery Mars is stationing in Aries, where he will end his retrograde motion on the 13th. After one month and a half when we’ve been called to reconsider our choices, to think twice before acting, to reconnect with our anger and our inner power, we can finally breathe easy as the path ahead of us opens up once more. What have you learned during this time about your instincts, your sexuality, your passion, your courage, and your inner strength? How will you manifest these new insights into your life from now on? On the 12th, we have another major astrological event: the last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of the year, an aspect that speaks about finding faith and abundance during times of adversity and crisis. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, alongside the Saturn-Pluto meet-up, is one of the aspects that makes this crazy year stand out from all the others. Events from mid-November could echo inner and outer changes that we’ve been going through around April 4 and June 30, especially linked to authority, rules and regulations, taboos, power and transformation. 

On the 15th, a powerful Scorpio New Moon marks a new beginning in the area of sexuality, deep psychology, shared resources, attachments and desires, fears and our shadow side. With Mars, Scorpio’s ruler, now direct in the passionate sign of Aries, we’re supported to pursue our desires, to assert our wishes, and to be brave when we encounter our deepest self, whether it’s through introspection, moments of transformation or acts of profound sharing with others. The easy, supportive aspects from Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto turn this New Moon into an amazing opportunity to explore life’s hidden side and to find valuable inner and outer resources that can help us thrive, even in difficult times. Venus squaring Jupiter and Pluto shows that relationship issues around power and control, trauma and resentment, giving and receiving can offer important windows of transformation at this time. October’s “growth through adversity” theme continues with this New Moon, but with a twist of increased freedom and amped up passion. On the 21st, graceful Venus waltzes into Scorpio, marking the beginning of a month with fierce affections and an increased need for loyalty and commitment from (and towards) loved ones. The Sun entering Sagittarius on the same day brings a new lease of life, a fresh perspective alongside the emotional, all-consuming energy of Scorpio. During the following month, we’ll feel inspired to approach life with optimism, generosity, and intellectual curiosity. From the Archer’s point of view, everything is a learning experience!

From November 23 to December 3, ethereal Neptune will be stationing in Pisces, where he’s going direct on the 28th after five months of retrogradation. These will be days marked by imagination, inspiration, lack of clarity, and a predisposition to keep our head in the clouds more than our feet on the ground. And that’s perfectly fine! The best way to navigate a Neptune station is to allow ourselves time for rest, regeneration, meditation, healing, and moments of escapism, making peace with the thought that this simply isn’t the best time for practical matters. Starting from the 23rd, Neptune direct will make it easier to connect to our ideals and to manifest our inspiration in the outside world. This day is particularly good for creative writing, healing work, and heart-to-heart conversations with close ones, all supported by a beautiful Mercury-Neptune trine. Fast forward a few days later, a Venus-Uranus opposition on the 27th could shake things up in our relationships- stay open to changes and honor your need for emotional freedom!

On the 30th, the autumn/winter eclipse season is officially on with a Gemini Lunar Eclipse that can bring karmic events and turning points in the area of communication, learning, teaching or commerce, especially for those of us with important planets or points in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces). This Lunar Eclipse is a powerful Full Moon that highlights how we’ve been taking in and sharing knowledge for the past six months, showing results when it comes to our communication projects (writing, reading, speaking, social media, teaching) and to our general way of relating to the world around us. With the North Node in Gemini, the information revealed and the events transpiring on this Eclipse are meant to guide us on our path towards knowledge and adaptability, tapping into our potential to share our truth and our skills with others in an open-minded way. 

How will this November play out for you? Read below for your Sun sign and Ascendant to find out!



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