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Monthly Horoscope - November Monthly Horoscope 2019

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on November 04 2019


November Monthly Horoscope 2019

Dear readers, even though Scorpio season is on, we’re starting November with love goddess Venus leaving this sign and entering Sagittarius on the 1st. Until the 25th, make the most out of this transit by welcoming exploration, outdoor fun and adventure in your relationships, while keeping an eye out for excessive risk-taking in love or financial matters.

On the 5th, Libra Mars forms a square with Pluto, while at the same time separating from a square with Saturn. We might feel like we’re going forward with the breaks on while we want to go full, transformative, explosive speed ahead, especially in relationships or when it comes to our personal power and initiative. It helps to find functional outlets (exercise, sex, mystery or chase of some kind) to channel the powerful energy of this aspect and to avoid using it in power struggles or displays of control. Around the 8th, we’ll be soothed by the effects of a harmonious configuration between the Sun, Neptune and Saturn, planets that will help us dream, but also make things happen. Relax, but also work hard in a dance between rules and boundlessness. Use this energy to bring more creativity at work, to become more responsible about your aspirations or to soften karmic issues through compassion and connection. 

On the 12th, a Taurus Full Moon unveils information and confronts us with a ripening of what we’ve started in May when it comes to money, resources, values and our connection to the senses and to the natural world. How have you been relying on your own resources, while at the same time staying open to sharing with others? How have you been connecting to the sacred in the natural world? Now is the time to shed attachments that no longer serve you, bringing a dose of transformation to what is stagnant and a dose of stability to what is intense. What harvest is this Full Moon blessing you with? A benefic Cradle pattern can bring us (the fruits of) multiple opportunities of success- linked to work, spirituality, travel, finances, sexuality- which are best taken advantage of or enjoyed with an attitude of receptivity, openness to intuition, but also stability and perseverance. Mars’ sextile with Jupiter on this same day can complement the Taurus feminine energy with a dose of proactivity and vitality- just stay mindful when it comes to excess during this period. On the 13th, Mercury forms harmonious aspects with Saturn and Neptune, making it a good time for writing, reflecting and discussing both practical things and feelings or abstract ideas. We can see through the veil and speak of our deepest emotions, while also keeping our feet on the ground, a valid recommendation especially on the 14th, when we might be prone to getting lost in promises of love as Venus squares Neptune.

On the 19th, Mars leaves Libra and enters his home sign Scorpio. Mars- our life energy, vitality, power of action- feels strong in Scorpio, where he can act in a piercing, all-or-nothing, often secretive way in order to pursue his deepest desires. It’s a very sexually loaded placement that can make for some good times in the bedroom until the 2nd of January next year (and, hopefully, beyond); just stay mindful of your shadow side, which may come up in the form of jealousy, resentment or a need for domination. Ask it where it comes from, listen to it, embrace it with love and act using the best kind of Scorpio energy: staying power, depth and passion. Around the 20th, this Scorpio energy is intensified by a stationing Mercury who is resuming his forward motion through the skies. Uncovering secrets, communicating and relating authentically are poignant themes during these days… and since Mercury retro season is over (for now), we can expect communication to resume its normal, hijinks-free course by the end of the month. Right on time, as Sagittarius season starts on the 22nd: expect a fun, freedom-loving vibe in the next month, get ready to go out and to enjoy life with all the experiences and the ideas that it enriches you with.

Finally, the week between the 23rd and the 30th is a fascinating one. Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 24th, making it a great time for exploring and adventure in relationships. Love is in the air- the freedom-loving, bohemian kind- and socializing is easier than ever! On this same day, Mars opposing Uranus can bring some fireworks when it comes to love and sex. Enjoy passionate times with your partner(s) or find another way to channel the restlessness of these days. For the last 10 days of the month, Neptune stations to turn direct, so it’s a foggy, unclear period when we might find it difficult to distinguish reality from illusion or to mobilize ourselves to move forward. It should all be okay as long as we find small ways to escape reality- a good movie or book, music, meditation- while at the same time staying mindful of how we’re handling an intense desire for “more”.

Luckily, we shouldn’t be afraid of something new- this is the motto of the Sagittarius New Moon on the 26th! It’s normal to feel lost or tense before the New Moon- it’s just the dark before a new dawn, a dawn that is now speaking of high hopes, adventures, serendipity, knowledge and wisdom. How do you want to expand your horizons in the next months? Now is the time to set your intentions! This New Moon doesn’t make any major aspects to other planets, so it will be about compromising to fulfill different parts of ourselves- the adventure seeker (Sun and Moon in Sagittarius), the responsible partner (Venus is now in Capricorn), the inner alchemist (Mercury and Mars in Scorpio). 

How will November unfold for you? Read below to find out!



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