New Moon In Virgo

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on September 17 2020

Hello, fellow Magic Makers!

As the Moon is right between the Earth and the Sun, it appears to unite with Sol on our sky. This moment can be a paradox: as the Moon conjuncts the Sun, we could say that a maximum of light and awareness is poured into our conscience, but if we look at the sky, the Moon appears dark and all things are imbued with an unsettling kind of anticipation.

It’s the beginning of a new phase, a fresh creative impulse that can offer bright solutions to the problems of the previous cycle. However, before things are put into motion, the New Moon moment offers a space of stillness, a white page where anything could happen.

What is the New Moon Optimal For?

The New Moon is all about planting new seeds of intention and kicking starting new habits in your life. The keyword for this moon phase is starting. Sometimes starting happens in your mind and other times it means getting out there and starting some new.

It can be difficult for those of us who like to be in charge because New Moons are times of uncertainty when it’s best to reflect and to set our intentions for the future more than to take decisive action. The nature of these intentions is best shown by the sign and the house of the Sun-Moon conjunction.

Marrying personal will with the underlying currents of the Universe shows its results six months later, when a Full Moon shines in the same sign, revealing what has and what hasn’t come to fruition.

The New Moon In Virgo

September’s New Moon is earthy, pragmatic and carries a distinct no-nonsense vibe, making it a great time for setting intentions linked to the material plane: resources and finances, daily work and responsibilities, health, and the physical body.

The Sun’s meeting with the Moon in practical Virgo marks a new beginning in the way we organize ourselves and manage the details of daily life in order to bring balance and a humble kind of satisfaction in our lives.

What is changing in your daily work and routines? What kind of effort best describes the way you want to serve your higher self, others, and the world?

Virgo loves to pick things apart, but this is only because she can clearly discern what works from what doesn’t. On this New Moon, we could feel her trademark perfectionism in the way that we relate to our skills, our money-making abilities, or our diet and exercise routine.

On the contrary, perhaps some of us could feel like everything is alright in these areas… and leave it as it is, happy with the results that we’ve obtained until now. 

The New Moon challenges us to find a balance between criticism (courtesy of the Virgo Sun and Moon) and complacency (a possible side effect of three easy aspects with planets in Capricorn), perhaps in the form of a realistic, detail-oriented, yet compassionate approach towards ourselves and others.

The New Moon’s trine with retrograde Saturn in Capricorn shows that what is starting now can have echoes from the past- perhaps an old job, a past ambition, or a bit of unfinished business on a karmic level. Whatever it is, this harmonious aspect gives us the tools for our plan to succeed, if we put in the effort and stay patient with the obstacles that arise.

The Moon’s trine with transformative Pluto shows changes and purifications on a material and spiritual level, perhaps through letting go of attachments (to a workplace, to money or other resources, to a person), while the more distant Moon-Jupiter trine can bring a dose of optimism and ease into the mix.

Finally, the opposition with dreamy Neptune in Pisces shows the importance of a larger, spiritual context for our daily work and efforts. If we feel like our work doesn’t serve any ideal, trying to escape reality via fantasies or substances is just another way of coping. How can you do more of what is meaningful to you, or find more meaning in what you’re already doing?

All in all, this is an intense New Moon, but in a paradoxically soft, allowing way that has the Universe supporting us as long as we play our part and dare to look at our lives without wearing any rose-colored glasses. It’s a good time to set intentions and to reflect, avoiding rash decisions, or jumping to conclusions before the time is ripe.

The symbol of the Virgo New Moon is “A boy with a censer serves the priest near the altar” and it speaks about selfless work, dedication, and diligence, even when the higher meaning of it all is still elusive. If you have planets or important points around the 26th degree of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, your quest for meaning, knowledge, and accomplishment will be particularly relevant at this time.

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