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New Moon In Libra

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on October 15 2020

Hello, fellow Magic Makers!

As the Moon is right between the Earth and the Sun, it appears to unite with Sol in our sky. This moment can be a paradox: as the Moon conjuncts the Sun, we could say that a maximum of light and awareness is poured into our conscience, but if we look at the sky, the Moon appears dark and all things are imbued with an unsettling kind of anticipation.

It’s the beginning of a new phase, a fresh creative impulse that can offer bright solutions to the problems of the previous cycle. However, before things are put into motion, the New Moon moment offers a space of stillness, a white page where anything could happen.

What is the New Moon Optimal For?

The New Moon is all about planting new seeds of intention and kicking starting new habits in your life. The keyword for this moon phase is starting. Sometimes starting happens in your mind and other times it means getting out there and starting some new.

It can be difficult for those of us who like to be in charge because New Moons are times of uncertainty when it’s best to reflect and to set our intentions for the future more than to take decisive action. The nature of these intentions is best shown by the sign and the house of the Sun-Moon conjunction.

Marrying personal will with the underlying currents of the Universe shows its results six months later, when a Full Moon shines in the same sign, revealing what has and what hasn’t come to fruition.

The New Moon In Libra

On the 16th, the Sun meets the Moon in the relationship-oriented sign of Libra, marking a new start in the way we relate and team up with others. Libra season is a time for opening up to those around us, understanding where they come from, and forming connections based on fairness and mutual respect.

This is exactly what we’ll want to do on this New Moon, although other celestial players might pull us in a different direction...The Libra New Moon is in close opposition to retrograde Mars in Aries: the self-made warrior, now cued to reflect on his past victories and failures. We want (the Sun) and we need (the Moon) connection (Libra), but there's another part of us, more immediate and instinctual, that craves total freedom of action and perhaps remembers past instances when we've ceded the point a little too much.

The challenge of this New Moon is to honor our fierce, independent side even as we keep dancing in sync with others. On the other hand, the Sun and the Moon's squares with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn can bring up issues around power and authority, rules and regulations, tradition, and responsibility. We might need more certainty and long-term planning in our relationships, as well as personal boundaries with partners or co-workers.

If we surprise ourselves by being focused on what others think, fearful not to disappoint them, this is a good time to dig deep and to find out where these beliefs really come from. The powerful Sun/Moon-Pluto square can bring deep transformation in our relationships. Do you tend to lead or to follow? Do you take full responsibility for your side of the deal?

This New Moon can be the manifestation of growth through relationship challenges, asking us to be aware of what kind of situations keep repeating in our lives. With Venus, the ruler of Libra, in service-oriented Virgo, and with the nurturing sign of Cancer activated indirectly, these situations could be linked to self-sacrifice, blurry boundaries, work relationships... in short, to our dedication to others and to the way we marry this dedication with expressing our desires and taking care of our own needs.

What is starting in your relationships? How are you being guided towards more balance and authenticity in your connections, possibly through challenges that bring out fears and frustrations? Those of us with strong Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn energy will definitely feel this New Moon!

With Cancer being the only cardinal sign without any planets at this time, we'll need its sensitive, empathic vibe to navigate the following days, no matter our Sun Sign. If you feel overwhelmed, retreat to your safe space, give yourself permission to feel, find comfort, and try to treat others with the same understanding.

New Moons are usually a time of uncertainty when it's best to rest, to empty our minds, and to plant our intentions, so how about allowing ourselves to experience the fullness of our emotions... and then finding a little peace in the middle of the storm?

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