New Moon In Leo Incoming

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on August 14 2020

As the Moon is right between the Earth and the Sun, it appears to unite with Sol on our sky. This moment can be a paradox: as the Moon conjuncts the Sun, we could say that a maximum of light and awareness is poured into our conscience, but if we look at the sky, the Moon appears dark and all things are imbued with an unsettling kind of anticipation.

It’s the beginning of a new phase, a fresh creative impulse that can offer bright solutions to the problems of the previous cycle. However, before things are put into motion, the New Moon moment offers a space of stillness, a white page where anything could happen.

What is the New Moon Optimal For?

The New Moon is all about planting new seeds of intention and kicking starting new habits in your life. The keyword for this moon phase is starting. Sometimes starting happens in your mind and other times it means getting out there and starting some new.

It can be difficult for those of us who like to be in charge because New Moons are times of uncertainty when it’s best to reflect and to set our intentions for the future more than to take decisive action. The nature of these intentions is best shown by the sign and the house of the Sun-Moon conjunction. Marrying personal will with the underlying currents of the Universe shows its results six months later, when a Full Moon shines in the same sign, revealing what has and what hasn’t come to fruition.

Leo New Moon: August 18

In the exuberant, yet a steady sign of Leo, the August New Moon speaks of personal sovereignty and create new beginnings. This month’s lunar reset will be a time of reflection that we can use to connect to our hearts and to set intentions for the new cycle, guided by faith in our hero’s journey.

Leo is the archetypal hero, the one who stands out and faces his destiny with courage, overcoming obstacles, and finding true love at the end. It’s an energy that we tend to project on celebrities, great personalities, or characters, but the same archetype lives inside us: the unique person with her singular path, on her way to find out what “living from the heart” really means. This New Moon, we can reconnect to the inner resources that help us on our path: courage, authenticity, laughter, love, and unshakeable confidence in life.

The symbol of the New Moon’s degree is “The luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky”, representing a brand new sunrise, a fresh start in all things Leo: love, creativity, drama, hobbies, children, leadership, confidence and personal power. If the days before and after the New Moon feel a little uncertain, like the darkness before the dawn, perhaps with second thoughts or fears about our worthiness or how we appear to others… let’s relax into the temporary darkness and trust that our hearts will lead the way.

This New Moon is in close conjunction to messenger god Mercury, so it helps to listen to the messages that the Universe has for us at this time and to create intentions of our own, reflecting on what sovereignty means for us and how we can embody more of it in our daily lives. Is it about confidence? Authenticity? The courage to show up at our best and at our worst? Is there a trait, a gift, a creative part of us that wants to be expressed and manifested at this time, helping us feel more complete? 

The New Moon’s trine to enterprising Mars in Aries makes it a great time to take initiative and to start something new, whether it’s in our work, our love life, our health, or our side projects. We can harvest the confidence given by the moment’s energy to take a risk that we haven’t dared to take yet. On the cautious side, a fire trine can make us reckless or overly confident, so it’s good to keep the heart married to the mind at this time and to think things through before jumping in. 

Those of us with planets or important points around the 27th degree of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius can feel the motivating, upbeat energy of this New Moon the most, but each of us can connect to their inner Leo energy and use it to embark on new adventures!

New Moon In Leo Ritual

Since this amazing New Moon will be simply brimming with motivational energy to help us push forward, we suggest that this New Moon we devote ourselves to setting intentions for breaking old patterns that no longer serve you, and replacing them with magic. We have crafted an amazing ritual to help you out to do just that! Here is what you will need:

  • Sit down and lay all your tools in front of you. Take deep calming breaths. Now light your Palo Santo Cone, and continue taking deep breaths until you calm yourself completely. Let the Palo Santo smoke cleanse all negative energies, and remove them so that you can set your intentions on a brand new, clean, energetical chapter of your life. Now take all of your tools in turn, and one by one pass them through the smoke of the Palo Santo to make sure that all yucky energy is removed from them. When you are done with that, open your windows to let the negative energy out.

  • Okay, now that you are energetically cleansed, it’s time to work on creating your own damn magic! Take your Selenite in your right hand, and ask the Universe to give you the strength to cut off all the negative patterns that hold you back and replace them with new, better ones. Draw a circle around you, with your hand straight and the Selenite stick in your hand. Repeat this movement three times. Then, take your Selenite stick and start massaging your chakra points - at the bottom of your stomach, then close to your belly button. above your belly button. the middle of your chest, your throat, forehead, and top of your head. Once you are done, take a few deep breaths and feel the energy brimming within.

  • Now that you have cut off all negative patterns, it’s time to set your intentions to manifest the change in your life. Take your Clear Quartz Palm Stone and place it on your palms. Take a few deep calming breaths, and visualize the goal in your mind, visualize yourself happy, filled with joyful, exuberant energy. Visualize the life of your dreams, all of your goals met and living in perfect harmony. That’s right, hold onto that visualization. When you feel ready, slowly take deep breaths and come off it gently.

  • To further enhance your intentions, take your Manifest A Miracle Candle and hold it on your chest. Then whisper your intentions to it. Light it, focus on its flames and take a few more calming breaths as you follow the flames. Then light your candle every day, until it completely burns out, even if it’s just a few minutes a day!

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