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May Monthly Horoscope - Sagittarius

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on May 01 2020

Dear Sagittarius, the Scorpio Full Moon on the 7th reveals a peak moment when it comes to your inner world, your spiritual practice, your deepest emotions, your self-undoing and sacrifices. What message are your emotions carrying? What kind of healing is now blooming in your life? It’s a good time to cleanse old addictions and emotional patterns, perhaps in an unexpected way. You might be feeling more hot-headed or argumentative than usual, so stay mindful of the emotions beneath your words and assert your will in a level-headed way. Creative writing or exercise can help at this time. Around the 9th, thinking about your values, your finances, your work and your daily habits can give birth to some deep practical insights.

Starting from the 11th, Saturn retrograde will have you re-evaluate your studies, your thoughts and your way of communicating in the following months, to see what matches your priorities and ideals and what no longer does. It’s a good time to go over past knowledge or to resume a previous project. Starting from the 13th, Venus retrograde influences the area of relationships and partnerships in your chart, so during the next month and a half it’s good to reconsider your commitments, finding better ways to communicate and to show love to yourself and to your partner. If old lovers or business partners reappear in your life, stay mindful of your current relationship with them versus “how things used to be”. Also starting from the 13th, you will tend to be more private than usual, to invest your energy in your home and in your personal life for the following month and a half. Defend your security and your well-being while staying mindful if you become defensive. Finally, starting from the 14th, Jupiter retrograde will have you reconsider your finances, your resources, your relationship with the physical world in the following months, asking for more faith and accountability in these areas.

Starting from the 20th, you’re in for a month of socializing and finding balance as you invest energy in your relationship and partnerships. On the 22nd, the Gemini New Moon marks a new start for you in the same area of relationships. Find pleasure in relating to others, give and receive, find balance and set boundaries as you find your intention for this fresh beginning in your life. At the same time, you might still have some family, home or inner child issues to work through, so stay mindful of the emotions that are fueling your relationship expectations. Think of your plans with your partner, but don’t make any immediate decisions, since things could feel a bit confusing at this time.

Around the 25th, you could feel more keyed up than usual; it could help to channel your energy through exercise or yoga, keeping in mind that you need your dose of freedom these days. On the 28th, stay mindful of any meaningful information that might come up linked to your subconscious mind, your shared resources, your intimate life, your wounds and fears, perhaps through a book, a meditation or an interesting conversation. The following month will be a time when your mind is focused inward, towards unveiling secrets and connecting to the unknown.

Magical Dates:

Love: 1-13 (Venus direct in your house of relationships), especially 10; 22 (New Moon in your house of relationships)

Career: 10, 22

Money: 22

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 5/7

New Moon: 5/22

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