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May Monthly Horoscope - Capricorn (Copy)

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on February 06 2021

Dear Capricorn, the Scorpio Full Moon on the 7th reveals a peak moment in the area of friendships, groups, community involvement and innovation (technology, science, astrology) for you. What results can you see? What connections, thoughts, emotions, actions are blooming now? It’s a good time to cleanse old patterns- perhaps resentments towards friends or feeling left out from a group- and to continue your road with less baggage. Seek independence and come together with people who share your ideals. You might be feeling more hot-headed than usual, especially when it comes to your finances or your independence, so stay mindful of your reactions. This is a Full Moon that requires action, but in a balanced, assertive way.  Around the 9th, you could reach some deep practical insights through journaling, writing or meaningful conversations.

Starting from the 11th, Saturn retrograde will have you re-evaluate your finances, your investments, your resources, your attachments and your relationship with your body in the following months to help you get closer to your ideals in these areas. Starting from the 13th, Venus retrograde influences the area of work and health for you, so during the next month and a half you’ll be reconsidering the service you do for others, as well as your health habits and your relationship with co-workers. What do you love to do? How can you bring more of it in your life? If a work opportunity from your past re-appears, make sure you analyze it objectively, without confusing what is now and what was then. Also starting from the 13th, your energy will be best invested in reading, writing, socializing and learning new information, so you’ll have the passion to follow your objectives in these areas. Stay mindful if you tend to be more argumentative than usual. Finally, starting from the 14th, Jupiter retrograde will have you reconsider important areas in your life (your relationship with yourself, career, relationships, life path), asking for more faith and responsibility. It’s a good time to look back at what you’ve accomplished until now and to learn from the past.

Starting from the 20th, you’re in for a month when your energy is best invested in daily work and in improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s all very practical for you in the next month. On the 22nd, the Gemini New Moon marks a new start for you in this same area of work and health. Find pleasure in the work that you’re doing, brainstorm new ways of being more efficient while also keeping enjoyment in the equation and set your intention about the contribution you want to make in the world. Keeping your body and your mind balanced is very important for you at this time. When it comes to work or contracts, it’s best not to make any major, practical decisions right now; instead, focus on reflection and intention.

Around the 25th, your energy levels might be higher than usual- talking it out with a friend, working something with your hands or investing in a hobby might help. On the 28th, stay mindful of any meaningful information that might come up in your life linked to relationships and partnerships. A new acquaintance, a deep conversation with your partner (or future partner), a good book can help reveal important information that can help you on your relational path. The following month will be a time when you’re encouraged to think about how you relate to others and to communicate in a balanced way, seeing a problem from multiple perspectives.

Magical Dates:

Love: 21, 25

Career: -

Money: 22

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 5/7

New Moon: 5/22

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