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Monthly Horoscope - May Monthly Horoscope 2020

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on May 01 2020


May Monthly Horoscope 2020

Dear readers, we’ve got a busy month ahead! By the end of May, four out of ten planets are dancing backwards through the skies. With so many retrogrades, the following months will be a time for reconsideration and reevaluation of different areas in our lives. Luckily (or not), those of us who are staying home won’t be lacking the time for it.

We’re starting with a dreamy vibe as Gemini Venus squares Neptune on the 3rd, making it a great time for poetry and romance, as long as we remember to keep at least one foot on the ground. In contrast, a super intense Scorpio Full Moon on the 7th will mobilize all our resources, bringing our deepest desires and fears to the surface. Since fiery Mars is squaring the Full Moon, we could see tempers rising and a growing desire for independence, while softer aspects from Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto make this a time of going within, discovering secrets and treasures as we heal wounds from the past. If resentment, bitterness, anger, jealousy, sadness arise, notice them with compassion, take a deep breath before reacting and allow yourself the time and space to feel and to heal. As Mercury conjuncts the Sun and trines transformative Pluto, this is a great time for personal therapy, shadow work and journaling. 

Around the 10th, we could see progress with the healing work that started on the Scorpio Full Moon as Mercury trines benevolent Jupiter and the Sun sextiles dreamy Neptune. At the same time, Saturn is stationing towards retrograde this week, so we might feel some extra pressure and responsibility on our shoulders. On the 11th, Saturn starts retrograding in Aquarius, where he will urge us to reconsider our freedoms and limitations, our dreams for the future and our responsibility towards society in the following months. However, Saturn isn’t the only planet that changes direction this week! Love goddess Venus retrogrades in flighty Gemini on the 13th, marking the beginning of a month and a half when our relationships and our spending habits will be under review. Old friends or lovers could make an appearance our lives, perhaps not for a rekindling of what was, but as a lesson to differentiate between the present and the past. 

On this same day, fiery Mars enters mellow Pisces, marking the beginning of one month and a half when our energy levels could be lower than usual, prompting us to rest, to regenerate and to create instead of pushing forward with our agenda. Finally, this packed week is completed by Jupiter stationing, then retrograding in Capricorn on the 14th. Until September, Jupiter will have us reconsider our habits, our self-discipline, our responsibilities and our work, helping us reevaluate our beliefs around work and efficiency and helping us stick to what’s essential. Are you confused yet? During the week between May 10 and 16, we could see many personal and social changes as Jupiter and Saturn are stationing, a push and pull between restriction and expansion. Check out our info on the 2020 retrogrades and on the four astro changes you don’t wanna miss this month for more details!

On the 20th, the Sun shifts from Taurus into Gemini, marking the start of a month when communication and learning will be our main focus. Get ready to read, write, chat and make connections, letting your curious mind roam towards new territories. There will be a lot to think about with the newly retrograde planets! On this same day, we have a repeat of the Venus-Neptune square from the beginning of the month. See what relationship situation is coming up once again to be seen in a new light.

On May 22, a New Moon in the sign of the twins marks a new beginning in learning, writing, communication. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, squaring dreamy Neptune while Mars in Pisces squares the New Moon can make this a confusing time when information is unclear and contagion (emotional or physical) could reach a new peak. Verify your sources, take good care of yourself and honor this day’s exact Mercury-Venus conjunction by finding pleasure in knowledge and connection of all kinds. Let your mind find ways towards peace, be it through breath, meditation, journaling or dance.

On the 28th, Mercury conjunct the North Node will have us thinking about the future and could reveal important information linked to our purpose. Just having entered the sensitive sign of Cancer, Mercury heralds a few weeks when our communication style will be more introverted and emotion-oriented than it had previously been in chatty Gemini. Around the 29th, we could have the opportunity to heal old wounds through journaling, meditation or finding out new information as the Gemini Sun sextiles Chiron.

What do the stars have in store for you this May? Read below for your Sun Sign or Ascendant to find out!



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