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March Monthly Horoscope - Taurus

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on March 01 2020

Dear Taurus, watch out for mix-ups at work around the 4th; at the same time, get ready for a month when you’ll feel more attractive and you’ll be seeking out pleasure even more than usual! Dare to love yourself and trust the goodies that follow that feeling. It’s a dreamy time around the 8th, when you can show compassion and share soulful moments with your friends, while also staying aware of changes that might take place in your life on a bigger level- your path, your behavior, your appearance, your values. Dare to shake things up a little and flow with what’s shifting! The Virgo Full Moon on the 9th can bring results or peak moments linked to romance, education or creativity. What results can you see in these areas, perhaps supported by how you’ve been living out your beliefs, how you’ve been studying or traveling these past months? How can you balance self-interest with contribution, leaving anxieties behind and believing that you have something special to offer to the world? The days around the 9th will be a good time for writing and having meaningful conversations as Mercury retrograde mishaps fade away and are slowly replaced by greater clarity when it comes to your friends, your social ideals, your sense of belonging and your career.

Starting from the 19th, a time of introversion and reflection starts for you.  However, around the 20th, you’ll have the fuel to go above and beyond when it comes to higher studies or traveling- invest your energy wisely and dare to act with faith. The 21st marks the start of two years when you’ll have lessons to learn in the area of career and public image. Pursue your ideals diligently, dedicate yourself to your mission and you will become your own boss in no time. On the 23rd, you’ll be having a moment of peak focus and depth when it comes to beliefs, traveling, higher studies. It could be intense as shadows (perhaps fear of taking risks or the desire to control other people’s opinions) come to the surface; trust yourself to work through them with commitment and patience, without overexerting yourself. On the 24th, the Aries New Moon is a moment when old wounds, fears and passions can boil beneath the surface of your consciousness, asking to be seen, felt, accepted. It’s a new beginning when it comes to spirituality, art, meditation, compassion; a moment to leave yourself in the hands of the Universe, trusting the bigger plan… and your heart.

Finally, starting with the 30th, your energy will be best invested in working towards your career goals for the following two months; if you’re feeling pressure or perceiving obstacles right now, trust that they’re there to test your commitment.  Effort and dedication- with confidence that you can do it- are essential right now. 

Magical Dates:

Love: 4, 9th (Full Moon in your house of romance), 20, 21

Career: 19

Money: 4, 21

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 3/9

New Moon: 3/24

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