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March Monthly Horoscope - Capricorn

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on March 01 2020

Dear Capricorn, watch out for mix-ups related to financial matters around the 4th; at the same time, get ready for a month when investing in your hobbies and in your love life will bring you the most satisfaction. Enjoy yourself! It’s a dreamy, possibly confusing period around the 8th when it comes to communication, reading, writing, study, so let yourself be inspired to write and to communicate more compassionately, while also staying mindful of any confusion or deceit when exchanging ideas.  At the same time, get ready for the unexpected in your love life and in your creative pursuits- perhaps a new hobby, a change of routine in your relationship or an increased need for recognition. The Virgo Full Moon on the 9th can bring results or peak moments when it comes to higher studies, traveling, spirituality and publishing. How are your efforts paying off in these areas? How can you balance small-scale learning and communication with a wider perspective, where your ideals and hopes are fueling your efforts to learn and to teach? The events or the new info transpiring on this Full Moon are important for your growth and self-affirmation. The days around the 9th will be a good time for financial plans as Mercury retro mishaps fade away and are slowly replaced by greater clarity when it comes to communication and finances/resources.

Starting from the 19th, the focus will be on home and family for you in the next month, so enjoy your safe space and connect with those who matter to you.  At the same time, around the 20th, your energy levels will reach an all-time high, so you’ll be feeling more ambitious than ever! This is the time to start new projects or to invest time and hope in those you’ve already started, while staying mindful not to overexert yourself or to miss important details. The 21st marks the start of two years when you’ll have lessons to learn in the area of finances, resources, attachments, skills. This is a time when you’re called to hone your skills and to organize your finances, perhaps starting a new business or improving your current one. With your managing skills, we don’t doubt that you’ll pull it off. On the 23rd, you’ll be feeling more dedicated and focused on your goals than ever, so use the rich energy resources that you’re being offered to advance on your path. At the same time, shadows (perhaps workaholic tendencies, a desire to control too much in your life or a tendency to close yourself emotionally) could come to the surface; trust yourself to work through them with patience and use this intense energy to manage your impulses, your desires and your goals better. On the 24th, the Aries New Moon is a moment when old wounds linked to family, home, childhood memories, your inner child, your sense of safety and trust could come up to be processed and integrated, to prepare a new beginning in this area of your life. What initiatives are you planning in the area of home and family? How can you build the security and the comfort that you need?

Finally, starting with the 30th, your energy will be best invested in financial and material aspects, so take initiative when it comes to your abilities and resources. If you’re feeling limited financially or wavering in self-confidence, trust that this is a time to build your skills and your empire step by step, with patience and long-term vision.

Magical Dates:

Love: 4-31 (Venus in your house of romance), especially 4, 5, 28

Career: 28

Money: 19

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 3/9

New Moon: 3/24

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