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March Monthly Horoscope - Cancer

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on March 01 2020

Dear Cancer, watch out for mix-ups linked to shared finances and expect a time of deeper introspection around the 4th; at the same time, get ready for a month when socializing will bring you the most satisfaction. It’s a time to connect to your friends and to your shared ideals. It’s a dreamy, possibly confusing period around the 8th when it comes to travel, higher studies, beliefs, spirituality, so weave your ideals in this area, but stay mindful of any (self) deceit. At the same time, get ready for the unexpected in your friendships and social groups- perhaps a change of plans, a clearing of past emotional patterns or just a rush of rebellion. The Virgo Full Moon on the 9th can bring results or peak moments linked to communication, education and learning or siblings. Notice if you tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to your knowledge or mental abilities. How can you balance small-scale learning with a wider perspective, where you can find meaning and direction to your efforts to educate yourself? Perhaps a relationship or a partnership can help expand and transform your path at this moment. The days around the 9th will be a good time for shadow work as Mercury retrograde mishaps fade away and are slowly replaced by greater clarity when it comes to your inner world, fears and desires, higher education and travel plans.

Starting from the 19th, the focus will be on career and public image for you in the next month.  At the same time, around the 20th, you’ll have the fuel to go above and beyond when it comes to finding balance and fairness in your relationships and partnerships- choose your battles wisely and dare to act with faith, maintaining boundaries and staying mindful of other people’s limits as well. The 21st marks the start of two years when you’ll have lessons to learn in the area of sexuality, shared finances, transformation. It’s time to slowly process fears that you might have linked to losing control, being vulnerable, sharing with others- the more time you invest in consciously working with yourself, the better. On the 23rd, you’ll be having an intense moment in your relationship. Shadows (perhaps a desire to control, to manipulate) could come to the surface, either at yourself or at your partner/at other people; trust yourself to work through them with commitment and patience, whether that means continuing in a transformed way or letting go altogether. On the 24th, the Aries New Moon is a moment when old wounds linked to success, self-discipline, authority figures could come up to be processed and integrated. It’s a new beginning in your career, a moment when old karmic patterns are coming up to be cleared so you can set fresh intentions about your mission and your goals.

Finally, starting with the 30th, your energy will be best invested in intimacy, shadow work, going within to face your fears and desires; if it feels heavy, trust that it’s a test to your commitment towards knowing and accepting yourself as you are.  

Magical Dates:

Love: 19, 20

Career: 20, 24 (New Moon in your house of career)

Money: 11

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 3/9

New Moon: 3/24

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