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4 Major Astrology Changes In April To Watch Out For

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on April 01 2020

Dear readers, April has a strong Capricorn game going on as Pluto stations towards retrograde in this sign and Jupiter joins him in conjunction, two more pieces of our latest global puzzle: a reconstruction of old beliefs and systems that are no longer working. At the same time, Venus in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius help us focus on networking and possibility, something that we all need during these stressful times. And there’s nothing better than a Taurus Sun in the mix to keep us focused on the simple things in life, anchoring ourselves in the middle of the storm…

Venus in Gemini: April 3- August 7

Venus in Gemini is an enchantress that seduces us with carefully crafted words and movements lighter than air. Starting from April 3, we will fall in love with reading, writing, learning, interesting conversations all over again and we will feel the need for an intellectual connection in our relationships more than ever! Get ready to spend long hours chatting and flirting with your (potential) significant other or having fun conversations with your friends. It’s also a great time for discovering new domains of interest or investing time and passion in existing hobbies, especially if you’re a writer or an artisan. 

Venus spends so much time in witty Gemini because she will be retrograde from May 13 to June 25, marking a time of review in our love life, our relationships and our spending habits. Pay attention to how your relationships and the way you communicate with others are already starting to shift this April. Remember that curiosity and adaptability are keywords for Gemini, so keep an eye on how you manifest them in your connections and in your approach to pleasure during the following months!

Jupiter conjunct Pluto: April 4

Expansive Jupiter will conjunct powerful Pluto in the sign of Capricorn three times in 2020: April 4, June 30 and November 12, marking this year down as one of the profound transformations (Pluto) in our social structures (Capricorn- governments, banks, businesses), a time of crisis that can eventually lead to expansion and healing (Jupiter). We can already see this on a global level with the coronavirus pandemic and on a personal level as we’re forced to face our fears, our shadow in these difficult times. 

Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn speaks of healing our relationship with authority figures and achieving success through hard, focused work that can require giving up on harmful things that we’ve grown attached to, but that only cause us harm in the long term. 

A lower octave of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction could have some of us hungry for power, taking advantage of loopholes in the system, abusing their social position. Integrity and responsibility are essential as this powerful conjunction puts us through times of crisis (Pluto) that can lead to healing (Jupiter) if we’re prepared to be hard-working and to take responsibility for our actions, to face our fears, to give up on emotions, thoughts, and habits that don’t reflect our authentic values and ideals anymore.

Sun in Taurus: April 19

From April 19 until May 20, the Taurus season will teach us once again about the importance of slowing down, being mindful, appreciating the simple things in life. When we think of nature in bloom during spring, we think of Taurus, the sign of beauty and abundance. The following month is a great time to connect to our senses, focusing on smells, sounds, taste and touch as we honor our connection to Mother Earth. It’s also a time when we can consolidate the projects started during the Aries Sun, using some trademark Taurus skills: patience, perseverance, focus, and strength. 

Around the 21st, we’ll be required to organize our resources better, coping with a feeling of pressure or insecurity by taking concrete steps towards our well-being. We will need more comfort and predictability than usual, but change will be the rule around the 26th as the Sun conjuncts revolutionary Uranus. We will need to create our own stability in the middle of transformative times and to honor our need for independence towards the end of the month. 

The Taurus Sun trining Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn on the 15th, 17th and respectively on the 22nd of May will make it a great time for taking care of the practical side of life, building success through hard work, planning, time management and resilience in the face of obstacles.

Pluto retrograde: April 25

The second part of the month will be a transformative time as Pluto stations towards retrograde in Capricorn, bringing parts of our personal and collective shadow to the surface: secrets, power struggles, issues linked to authority, personal responsibility and integrity. Until October 4, we will have the chance to go over these issues again and to reconsider the way we use our power, shifting towards more maturity, awareness, and integrity in our work, in relation to authority figures and to society at large. 

Pluto retrograde is a yearly window of time when secrets come to the surface, so it’s perfect for activities that might help us consciously bring to light what is hidden: shadow work, therapy, meditation, cleansing rituals. Focus on these especially during the second part of April.

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