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Magical Productivity Challenge Starting Today!

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on April 09 2019

Have you been running around like crazy, with a thousand errands, obligations and tasks that you need to get done? We know best because, much like you we like to keep ourselves busy, and try and do a million things at once. In fact, there are so many things we try to get done in one day it’s ridiculous.

And even though we know it is, we still keep piling things up, one after another, until the list goes on for miles and miles. And every day, we started off stressed out, running from errand to errand, feeling like our chest would burst, and our minds would explode. Even though the exhaustion was immense, and the stress and anxiety kept piling up, we still pushed onwards.

But, one day, we stopped to take a look around and realized, we put so much effort, chasing the impossible, breaking ourselves in the process, we had almost nothing to show for it. The progress we have made, was almost non-existent even after we tore ourselves up trying to push forward. If you are there - don’t despair! Because you can turn things around and achieve more than you ever thought you could - you just need to plan better!

Don’t get us wrong, we think learning and pushing forward is amazing! However, if you don’t set the right goals, if you keep doing things without thinking things through, you will never have progress. So, this month, join us on a brand new challenge where we will help you boost your productivity levels, and help you make all that effort be put into good use. This month, we will help you move forward, further than you have ever been! Here is what we have planned out for you this month:

Step 1 - Magical Goal Setting and Planning

As we mentioned, effort without planning is useless. Much like planning for the wrong goal is. In the very first step, we will start focusing on setting the right goals, and planning them out so you can get things done efficiently.

Step 2 - The Plans within Plans

Even though things don’t always go according to plan, you still need one to know in which direction you are heading. Mapping your plans out, by creating smart yet doable challenges, developing checkpoints and evaluating where you are are all very important things that we will discuss and help you set up. And the most important part of this step - celebrating your achievements, no matter how small!

Step 3 - Turning Things Around When It’s Not Working Out

Even the best throughout plans have flaws. Maybe you set too high goals for a very short period of time? Or maybe you didn’t consider some possible steps to your plan? Whichever it is, we will get to the bottom of it, and turn things around - easily!

Step 4 - Unlocking the Solar Plexus

In step four we will tap into the energy center of personal empowerment, will and courage within your body - The Solar Plexus Chakra. By awakening and balancing your solar plexus, you will achieve your goals more easily and push forward in life, no matter what! We have a very special ritual prepared, so make sure you tune in this month to our Monthly Growth Plan!

Tune in to our blog to join the Magical Productivity Challenge!



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