Step 4 - Magical Connecting With Your Spirit Guides & Angels Ritual

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on September 27 2019

Now that you learned everything you need to know about your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, we want to share a super magical ritual to help you connect with them! Here is how it goes:

First off, like with every ritual that we share with you, it’s time to set up the atmosphere. Light your Backflow Incense Cones - Absynthe Fragrance , sit down and take a few deep breaths to calm yourself down. When you take the breaths, make sure you keep the breath inside of you for 2-3 seconds before releasing it, to calm yourself, and to let the incense cones work their magic.

Then, take your Reiki Energy Green Tree Fragrance Oil and put exactly 5 drops on your Angels Influence Reiki Herbal Pillar Candle. Try to only allow one drop to hit the candle at a time. Take a deep breath, and light your candle. 

  • While your candle is burning, we are going to do a little exercise.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Continue to breathe deeply, allowing your body to slowly relax.  With each breath, relax each muscle of your body from head to toe. When you are completely relaxed, imagine you are in your favorite place in the world.  Next, call in your board of Spirit Guides. Tell them you want to meet them and that you are ready to develop your relationship with them. Trust yourself.

    Do not judge whatever shapes, forms, images or thoughts that come up.  Allow your imagination to run wild. What is your imagination anyway, is it real, is it not? It really doesn’t matter, because your imagination just shares with you the stories of your unconscious and subconscious mind. The truth is, no one can for certain say that what happens in our meditation or visualization activities are not real.  So, go wherever your mind wants to take you. Spend a little time with your guides. Remember, your guides are here to help you out with whatever you need in life. You can ask them for advice on an issue that’s bothering you or even just ask them to show you signs on your next step. Ask them:

    • How do I ask you for help?

    • How can I better talk to you?

    • How do I know you are around?

  • Now that you’ve met your Spirit Guides, it’s time to call on some Angels to help you work on anything specific you are struggling with right now. Here’s the thing, Angels are generally really great at one particular area of life and believe it or not there are so many out there with not much to do because folks forget to ask them.  Think of someone specific you want some help with. Perhaps, you are in a financial bind or are having some relationship woes. We are going to call out for an Angel who’s really great with your specific issue. Place your Black & White Agate Bracelet in front of your candle, and follow the light of the candle as it reflects on the bracelet.

Say out loud: “Can a light filled angel that is highly skilled at [insert your issue here] please help me?” Now, imagine yourself back in your favorite place and visualize that you can see an Angel (again no judging) walking towards.  Imagine them being delighted to help you. Ask them for their advice and be willing to listen to theirs. Finally, tell them that you appreciate their support and kindness and you are happy to accept as long as it is for the highest good of all of those involved.  Give your angel a hug and imagine them setting off to bring some changes into your life.  Whenever you feel worried that things are not panning out, call in that angel for an update.  

Remember, Spirit Guides and Angels are our personal team!  They are here to support us, love us and push us out of our own way.  We are the CEO of our lives, we forge the path and their goal is just to support and advise us along the way.  Delegating to the team is important, you can’t always handle it all on your own. The best CEOs don’t. They know when to let go and when to share the burden.  

  • Finally, we can’t talk about higher beings without mentioning Your Higher Self can we?  Your Higher Self is always in this mix and calling on him or her whenever you need is utmost importance.  There are sooo many ways to do this, but we are going to focus on two. The first, is very similar to how you met up with your angels and spirit guides.  Take a few deep breaths, relaxing your mind and body.

    Next, visualize visiting your most favorite place again. Imagine that you are joined by the highest version of yourself.  Again, trust your imagination, don’t judge it. If your higher self is a Unicorn with a really high pitched voice that is perfectly okay. Just know that the highest and oldest version of yourself is more complex than we can imagine.  It knows all, has been everywhere and knows us better than we could ever imagine. Take some time while in this place and ask him/her some questions.  

    • How can we be closer?

    • How did you handle this problem?

    • How can I get through this?

    • What advice do you have for me?

Feel free to stay as long or little as you want.  You can always go back and visit again, we encourage you to do so.  

  • The second way to connect with your Higher Self is through a Pendulum and a Pendulum mat.  Now take out your Pendulum and your Pendulum Mat, and charge your pendulum with intention. Hold it in your dominant hand and ask for its guidance in connecting with your higher self. Next, holding your pendulum string between your thumb and forefinger, ask your pendulum to show you what a ‘yes’ looks like. You will feel your arm twitch a bit and it will move in a motion that will represent ‘yes’ for your questions in the future.   Repeat this exercise for responses ‘no’ and ‘not answering’.

    The reason we included ‘not answering’ is because sometimes we ask very silly questions. It’s human nature, no shade intended. We want to make sure the pendulum has a way to deny giving us not great answers or answers we are not ready to receive. Either way, once you have connected with your pendulum and you know what each movement means, start asking your questions.  It’s best to begin with a simple yes or no question, and then go onto the more complicated ones. It would be best to keep the list of questions near you and note down the answers that you got so that you won’t accidentally forget an answer.

    This also helps because, in the future, you can reflect on the answers you got, and figure out more specific questions based on those. Be sure to read up more about Questions to Ask Your Pendulum on our blog.  Also, note that this very special pendulum has a chamber to add anything to tie your energy more closely with whatever you are asking about.

  • Now, it’s time to bring your ritual to a close. Close your eyes and thank your spirit guides, angels and higher self for their guidance. Then, ask your dream team to help you energize the Black & White Agate Bracelet. Hold out your hand over the bracelet and visualize their light shining over it, helping you to energize the bracelet.

    Then open your eyes, place the bracelet on your hand, so that it will always lead you in the right direction, and provide you with guidance in your life. Don’t blow off the candle, instead set it off with wet fingers, so that the intention of your candle remains intact.  Light it again, when you are ready to connect with your squad.

And that’s it!!! Did you enjoy your ritual? Let us know how it went!



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