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June Monthly Horoscope - Taurus

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on June 03 2019

Dear Taurus, around the 2nd, you might be noticing that your life is going through some deep transformations- trust the process! The Gemini New Moon on the 3rd brings a fresh start in finances for you. A new job or project, maybe related to information or learning? A new skill that you realized you can use to earn a living? Their time has come, so set your intentions for the next lunar cycle! Stay aware of a possible tendency to be scattered with your finances or to overspend. It might be tempting to “carpe diem” it right now, but you need careful planning as much as you need the optimism of a fresh start. Around the 7th, it will be easier to speak your mind honestly and to come up with original ideas. There might be unexpected opportunities linked to communication!  Around the 12th, you could be feeling more impulsive, yet also touchier than usual when it comes to expressing your opinions. Communication challenges that appear in your life might just be battles that lead you forward on your path. Around the 14th-16th, you might have a lot of mental energy, a lot of thoughts bubbling up and threatening to burst, yet you might encounter some obstacles (from others or even from yourself) in speaking your mind. Stay patient and wait for the right time to push forward.

On the 17th, the Sagittarius Full Moon wraps up what’s been going on in your life when it comes to shared finances, sexuality, occultism, intense experiences. You could see some results in these areas, favoured by lucky circumstances. In the same time, this Full Moon can also show where you’ve overextended yourself, where you’re exaggerating. Have you been fair in handling other people’s resources (energy, commitment, money such as taxes or debts)? How can you make your resources less static (by investing, giving away responsibly so you can receive back)? Starting from the 21st, a chatty, curious month starts for you. Communication- an empathic, intuitive kind- will probably be your main need during this time. Around the 24th, stay mindful of any rosy-coloured glasses that you might be wearing, especially when it comes to money, business, groups or benefactors. Things might not be as they seem. Finally, around the 27th, you might be feeling like more of a rebel than usual. Trust your voice, trust who you are and you can attract opportunities that match your energy.

Magical Dates:

Love: 7, 14

Career: 18

Money: 3 (New Moon in your house of money), 7, 8-30 (Venus in your house of money)

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: 6/3

Full Moon: 6/17

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