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June Magical Challenge - How healthy are you?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on June 04 2019

Ah, the modern 21st century. There really couldn’t be a better time to live than today - right? The whole world is getting bigger. Wherever you turn, you see marvels of architecture, technology, scientific achievements and most importantly, even perhaps, the smaller achievements in comparison to the everyday person. We are constantly hearing the empowering stories through social media where people succeeded in life. It is the dream of any era of time after all. But, the question is, what truly is to succeed in life?

Sure, the modern era has it all. And when you take a look at your life you realize you have much more than you thought you did. Whether you are a stay at home mom or climbing the career ladder, you have much more than any generation could even imagine before us. The knowledge of the world is at your hand, you can pursue your dreams, you can study whatever you want, you can grow, create, express yourself. And yet, it doesn’t quite feel like it - does it?

We dream too big, and we gallop forward in life, often not caring what it takes to achieve the life that we wanted. We forget that even though to achieve our goals we have to work hard, but still not to overwork ourselves. We forget that even though we have dreams, you can’t achieve your dreams if you aren’t healthy

One of the most common issues that you can come across to whomever you speak is chronic fatigue. You are constantly tired, but you have no idea why. Monday is your worst enemy. You feel unmotivated. And you constantly judge yourself too harshly. These are just some issues that we all face on a day to day basis, right? So, it raises the question - how healthy are you?

Feeling constantly exhausted for no reason at all is overlooked by most of us. Somehow it has become the condition that you simply are at as an adult in the modern era. It is so common, that we consider it normal. It’s common to doubt yourself, and have a negative outlook for ourselves, even though there is no apparent reason behind it. And yet, we have accepted these thoughts as something normal that occurs. And all of it takes an impact on our overall health.

Being healthy is definitely something we take for granted. A simple cold can make us feel miserable, and wishing nothing more than being healthy again. Life is precious, and being healthy helps us to enjoy life more and experience it to the fullest. Which is why taking the time to take care of yourself is very crucial. After all, how can you achieve your dreams, if you fall sick or you are trapped in the same old unhealthy patterns?

This month, we have devoted our monthly growth plan on helping you get healthier - thought-wise, emotionally and physically. In each step, we will share exercises, tips, tricks, and rituals to help you get healthier, in every aspect of yourself! This is what awaits you in the following month:

Step 1 - Thought Patterns - The Building Stones To Wellbeing

As we have discussed it before, in last month’s growth plans - thoughts have huge importance. They are the building stones to everything, including your wellbeing. Which is why we are starting with improving your thought patterns in the very first step!

Step 2- The Importance Of Emotional Health

When you are not feeling good about yourself, nothing matters. Your emotional well being is very important because it holds the key to shifting your whole life around! In step 2 we will discuss your emotional health, and help you to understand all of your emotions.

Step 3 - How To Get Healthier?

In Step 3 we will focus on your physical health! We will share with you some simple exercise routines that even the busiest person can find time to do in the morning. We will also share some simple tips that will help you to balance your food intake, and some morning routines to get you started on your magical journey.

Step 4 - Healing Yourself - Total Chakra Balancing!

When your chakras are out of whack, being healthy is impossible. We will share with you information about each chakra, and help you to distribute the life force through each chakra evenly through our magical rituals!

Tune in to our blog to start changing your life, week by week! Let’s create your own damn magic!



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