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July Monthly Horoscope - Taurus

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on July 01 2020

Dear Taurus, starting from the 1st of July until the end of September, you’ll be reconsidering things linked to your studies, travels, beliefs and spiritual or religious affiliations as you tie up loose ends from the past years and get ready to move forward.

On the 5th, the Capricorn Eclipse illuminates your house of higher studies, travel and expansion, revealing new insights and showing the results of your past effort in these areas. How can you reconcile logic and faith, letting go of rigid beliefs or outdated aspirations and welcoming transformation? You might be reconsidering the way you communicate with others, as well as the way you learn or teach. From around the 8th to the 18th, old wounds linked to faith, self-sacrifice or poor boundaries could resurface, perhaps some of them from past lives. Be gentle with yourself as you listen to your intuition and find out what is it that you need to heal and integrate.

The week between July 12 and 18 can bring significant events in the area of communication and learning for you, after a month when you might’ve been reflecting on your interests, your learning or teaching activities and your general way of relating to others. Find gentle ways of communicating around the 12th (remembering to establish boundaries) and stay mindful of contradictory discussions with relatives or teachers around the 14th-15th. This week’s message could be to find tolerance for different viewpoints while expressing your own beliefs as well.

The Cancer New Moon on the 20th brings a new beginning in the areas that have been active for you this month: thinking, speaking, writing, communication in any form. Something different is unfolding in your life, perhaps in your mental landscape, in your relationship with close relatives or in your studies. You can set an intention to receive information that nurtures you or to communicate in an empathic, yet confident way. Starting from the 22nd, the Sun in Leo brings a time of creative coziness for you. Enjoy fun times with loved ones in the comfort of your home!

Around the 27th, it’s a great time to explore possibilities linked to an ideal that you can follow alongside people who share your perspective. At the same time, it helps to stay mindful of your spending habits and relationships these days- make sure you’re looking for value in the right place. You can bring more compassion in the relationships that you’ve been reconsidering since May, sublimating attachment into a spiritual connection. Stay mindful of your boundaries, especially towards the end of the month, and try not to jump to conclusions if someone gets on your nerves. Practicing what you preach is the best approach these days, since neither you nor those around you will appreciate empty words. The last week of July is for bringing more healing to the relationships you’ve been reconsidering in the last months- with relatives, friends, people you’re deeply attached to.

Magical Dates:

Love: 22, 30

Career: -

Money: 22, 30

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 7/5 (Lunar Eclipse)

New Moon: 7/20 

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