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July Monthly Horoscope - Sagittarius

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on July 01 2020

Dear Sagittarius, starting from the 1st of July until the end of September, you’ll be reconsidering matters linked to your finances, resources, skills and self-worth, tying up loose ends from the past years before you’re ready to move forward. 

On the 5th, the Capricorn Eclipse illuminates your house of money and self-worth, revealing new insights and showing the results of your past efforts in these areas. How can you reconcile your need for stability and your need for intensity, your need to be independent with the value brought by pooling your resources with others? Perhaps now you’re letting go of unhealthy spending habits or attachments (to money, things, people) and thinking more about the immaterial aspects of life. From around the 8th to the 18th, ask yourself what is it that you need for past relationship or inner child wounds to be healed and transformed from anger or resentment into confidence and creativity, with less anxiety about what other people think.

The week between July 12 and 18 can bring significant events in your life in the area of sexuality, shared resources, deep psychology and occultism, after a month when you’ve been reflecting on your deepest emotions. Around the 12th, it’s a great time to send compassion and forgiveness to family members or to people who have hurt you, while around the 14th-15th it’s good to stay mindful of conflicts with your partner (business or romantic). This week’s message could be to find common ground with people who seem different and to be gentle with yourself as you work through difficult emotions. If you tend to be either too drastic or too permissive in your approach to life, there might be someone who’s showing you the opposite side of the coin.

The Cancer New Moon on the 20th brings a new beginning in the areas that have been active for you this month: sexuality and shared finances, psychology and occultism, shadow work and transformation. Something different is unfolding in your life, perhaps in the way you connect deeply to loved ones, deal with your shadow side or join resources with others. Bring a gentle, nurturing approach towards yourself, your lover, your business partners and think of balanced ways to protect what you care about without closing yourself off too much. Starting from the 22nd, the Sun entering Leo marks the beginning of a month when learning and exploring- your favorite parts of life- are your main motivators, so enjoy the ride!

Around the 27th, it’s a great time to explore possibilities linked to finances, business or creative skills. The last week of July can find you dreamier and more creative than usual, especially in your relationships. You can use this energy to connect to your partner or with family on a spiritual level, bringing more compassion in the relationships that you’ve been reconsidering since May, since you’re one of the signs that Venus retrograde has influenced the most. Towards the end of the month, it’s good to stay mindful of your boundaries and to avoid jumping to conclusions if any contradictory discussions arise with close ones. Practicing what you preach is the best approach these days, since neither you nor those around you will appreciate empty words.

Magical Dates:

Love: 22, 30

Career: 22, 30

Money: 5 (Lunar Eclipse in your house of money)

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 7/5 (Lunar Eclipse)

New Moon: 7/20 

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