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July Monthly Horoscope - Leo

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on July 01 2020

Dear Leo, starting from the 1st of July until the end of September, you’ll be reconsidering matters linked to your daily work, your mission and your health habits, tying up loose ends from the past years before you’re ready to move forward. 

On the 5th, the Capricorn Eclipse illuminates your house of work and health, revealing new insights and showing the results of your past actions in these areas. How can you reconcile your need to dream and to rest with your daily responsibilities? What unhealthy habits or attitudes towards work- perhaps perfectionism or putting too much pressure on yourself- are you letting go of? From around the 8th to the 18th, ask yourself what is it that you need for past wounds linked to religion, spirituality or to events that might’ve shaken your faith in life to be transformed into confidence and optimism.

The week between July 12 and 18 can bring inspiration and insight after a month when you might’ve been reflecting on your faith, your emotions, your boundaries, your ability to go with the flow of life. Let yourself inspired to pray, dream or create on the 12th and stay mindful of conflicts with co-workers or inner conflicts linked to the way you offer support to others around the 14th-15th. Make sure you’re setting boundaries and avoid sacrificing yourself. If you tend to be either too dreamy or too focused on details, there might be someone in your life who’s showing you the opposite side of the coin.

The Cancer New Moon on the 20th brings a new beginning in the areas that have been active for you this month: spirituality and art, emotions and boundaries, compassion and kindness, self-undoing and addictions. Something different is unfolding in your life, perhaps in the way you connect to the Universe or to your inner creative source, whether it’s through prayer, meditation, art or fantasy. You might be more receptive than usual to other people’s emotions at this time; make sure you spend time in solitude to reconnect and to recharge. Starting from the 22nd, the Sun entering your sign marks the start of a joyful season for you, when you can shine and share your gifts with the world!

Around the 27th, it’s a great time to explore possibilities linked to work and to an ideal that you can follow alongside people who share your perspective. Remember to ground your thoughts into reality as well and bring compassion in your friendships and your relationships in general, especially in the ones that you’ve been reconsidering since May. In the last days of the month, stay open to your intuition and to your nighttime dreams and try not to jump to conclusions if any misunderstandings arise at work or around the details of daily life. Tolerance is your best bet right now.

Magical Dates:

Love: 27

Career: 10

Money: 22, 30

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 7/5 (Lunar Eclipse)

New Moon: 7/20 

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