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July Monthly Horoscope - Aquarius

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on June 30 2019

Dear Aquarius, starting from the 1st you’re supported to invest your energy in your relationships and partnerships, taking initiative in these areas. If any challenges or conflicts arise, they’re here to help you integrate your shadow. You’re rational, future-oriented. Clashes with others could prompt you to integrate a more heartfelt approach, as well as a “living in the moment” philosophy in your life- maybe through confrontations with people whom you perceive as egocentric, childish or arrogant. The Solar Eclipse on the 2nd might be the moment when the seeds are sown for a new way of fulfilling your mission through daily work or for a new phase in the way that you take care of your body and your mind. It could be a new job or a change of position at your current workplace, a new diet or exercise program, a lifestyle change. The work that you’re being led towards is something through which you can nurture and inspire others. It’s a time when you might be facing work or health challenges that require discipline and patience. Now can be a time when you can relate to your physical body better, recognizing that it’s a divine vessel after all and that it needs your care as much as the intellectual realms that you like to roam. Whatever novelty enters your life right now, take it slow and step by step- you can steadily manifest your work and health goals. 

Starting with the 7th, Mercury retrogrades in your house of relationships, asking for some extra care and mindfulness from you when you relate to others. Speak from the heart, not from the ego and think twice before signing any contracts or rekindling old relationships- will your decisions benefit you on the long term?

Around the 8th, Chiron’s retrograde could bring up some communication wounds or some difficulties with siblings. It helps to find ways in which you can speak your mind firmly, but not impulsively, trusting yourself in just the right amount to push forward. Around the 9th, things could be tense around matters of work, health, sacrifice, emotional difficulties, spirituality. Challenges that you encounter now in these areas can have a karmic undertone. You’re supported to invest energy into your daily work and into improving your health routines, despite insecurities or a tendency to daydream/escape reality that is getting increasingly heavy. Hold on, Aquarius- you’ve got what it takes to improve your life in practical ways. Around the 11th, a soft, empathic vibe can make you be perceived in a better light by others, especially at work. It’s a good time to connect to your work, to your sense of mission and to your physical body, helping it heal.

On the 17th, the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse brings a moment of fulfillment and transformation when it comes to relating to the world on a deeper level. How are your emotions, your boundaries, how do you connect to your inner source of creativity and to your connection to the divine? This period is a mirror of the crises, difficulties, spiritual pursuits from these past months. Now, useful information or emotions can be unveiled, helping you take the next step and let go of those beliefs, anxieties, rigid patterns that you’ve been holding on to, perhaps for lifetimes. It isn’t an easy time for you, Aquarius, since the Eclipses activate themes of work and health, crises and sacrifice for you, but it’s definitely a transformative time that might have old structures in your life be rebuilt, replaced by ones that can bring you more balance. On the 18th, take advantage of a dreamy, creative, spiritual vibe that can help you continue what you’ve started around the 11th (work, health, connecting to your body); around the 21st, stay strong, yet vulnerable as there could be some intense moments at work or in your personal life that can call for a sacrifice and rebirth of some kind. Let go of any desire to control (others, outcomes, your body, your destiny) and trust that what has to stay will stay in your life.

Starting from the 22nd, you’re supported to invest your energy in your relationships and partnerships. During this time, you can benefit from a head-on, daring approach, a masculine way of relating to others, yet at the same time you’re being called to use diplomacy and empathy. Lady Luck might smile to you around the 25th, when opportunities linked to partnerships or groups could come up, maybe even help from a benefactor. Finally, on the 31st, the Leo New Moon heralds that fresh start that’s been lurking around the corner all month- a new beginning in the way you relate to others, a new relationship or partnership, an increased balance between yourself and others. It’s likely that you’ll be feeling more rebellious and independent during these days, especially when it comes to your family- you want to do your own thing and now is a good time to break free from limiting patterns, pursuing the relationships that bring more pleasure and love in your life.

Magical Dates:

Love: 9, 27-31 (Venus in your house of relationships)

Career: 25

Money: 25

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon (Solar Eclipse): 7/2

Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse): 7/17

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