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Monthly Horoscope - July Monthly Horoscope 2019

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on June 30 2019


July Monthly Horoscope 2019

Dear readers, on the 1st of July, Mars finally leaves watery Cancer for a more fiery, head-on approach in Leo. Until mid-August, we’ll be more likely to fight to manifest our will and to protect loved ones; at the same time, we might be more reactive, especially if criticized or neglected. Heart-centered action is the key. 

On the 2nd, we have the first Eclipse of the season in comfort-loving Cancer. A moment of uncertainty right before a new dawn where something changes in our family, our home, our emotions, our intuition, our connection to our inner child. This Eclipse happens near a North Node, so it’s a moment when we’re being pulled closer to our karmic mission in these areas. Where can you turn over a new leaf, becoming more loyal to your deepest needs and emotions, honoring your intuition and your feminine power (no matter if you’re a woman or a man)? What part of you is hungry for increased emotional connection and receptivity? July’s Solar Eclipse might answer these questions and more. Maybe the new beginning will take the form of expressing our emotions better with loved ones, breaking generational patterns; moving into a new home; starting a family; improving the relationship with our mother; discovering more of our feminine side; having the courage to relax, cry and heal in an increasingly busy world. If these kinds of events happen around this time, they can feel fated, inevitable. Their moment has come. 

The Cancer Eclipse trines Neptune in Pisces, supporting us in these matters with softness, receptivity, openness towards the unseen part of life. At the same time, the Eclipse opposes retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. We might feel like our deepest needs and wants (Cancer) are censored by what society or authority figures expect from or impose on us (Capricorn). It’s an intensely polarized moment when structures and rules might feel like they’re weighing us down; at the same time, they also represent the foundation that we need to grow. It helps if at this time we try to integrate emotional receptivity with discipline, relaxation with rules, dreaming with work. None of the extremes can function alone- yet it’s time for a change in the old “musts” of the world.

On the 3rd, Venus enters Cancer, infusing the energy of the Eclipse with an extra touch of sensitivity. Until the 27th, we might feel like going out less and we’ll prefer spending time to close people in safe, nurturing environments. On the 7th, Mercury starts backtracking through Leo, bringing some difficulties with technology, transport or communication. Misunderstandings or unclarities in communication could be connected to our self-esteem, to ego or to our boundaries. It helps to double check any information and to remind ourselves of warm, heart-centered communication, where we respect others’ opinions, yet bravely express our own.


On the 8th, Chiron starts retrograding. Until mid-December, old wounds linked to our individuality and our inner or outer battles can be reactivated, asking us to turn back to ourselves, to set boundaries when needed, to take steps towards healing the angry side of our inner child. As Mars conjuncts Mercury at this time, our healing might just begin with a conversation where we dare to assert ourselves. Chiron squaring Venus could mean that this delicate situation can be in our family or can be linked to emotional validation. On the 9th, the Sun aligns with the North Node and opposes Saturn. The themes of July’s eclipses can be strong now: emotions versus reason, relaxation versus duty, emotional authenticity versus the outer patriarchal structures that might want to keep our feminine side at bay in order to stay proper and productive. Hang on through possible limitations and remember to work for your goals one step at a time.

However, around the 11th, we might find welcome moments of healing as the Sun-Neptune trine infuses our days with softness, receptivity and intuition and the Mars-Chiron trine can be of help in patching up old wounds related to ego or to self-expression. We will have a bit of an earthquake, however, as Mars squares Uranus. The actions that we use to assert ourselves could be blunt and unexpected, propelled by the desire to live life our own way- or we could meet this bluntness in others. Stay mindful around the 14th, as the Sun-Pluto opposition can be a moment when tension really amps up as a battleground for deep transformation. It might lead us in a surprising direction- more openness, vulnerability, intimacy, but it requires us to lay down our weapons and our need for control and to become rooted in our real power.


On the 17th, we have the second eclipse of the month in Capricorn. It’s a moment when the hard work that we’ve been doing lately pays off. Now we get to see the results of our efforts, as well as the way our attitudes towards work and responsibility are reflected in the outside world. New information about our career or social standing could be unveiled at this time. July’s Lunar Eclipse happens near the South Node, so there’s a strong pull towards the past, towards traditional rules and authority structures. However, these very structures need to be deeply purified and transformed in order for us to get to the next stage of our evolution. A few possible directions could be recognizing the issues and taking back the power in dysfunctional relationships with our fathers, our bosses or with other authority figures; quitting or making our terms clear at an over-demanding job that pushes us beyond our normal cycles of work and rest; a change of job or of career, a promotion, a position of increased power and responsibility; increased self-mastery and ability to reach our goals. At this time, we’re called to balance the discipline and the grit of Capricorn with the motherly softness of Cancer so we can do and feel our work with the same measure. On the day of the Eclipse, Venus conjuncts the North Node- our purpose, beyond all, is to love and to be loved, to be vulnerable and to share.

On the 18th, the Venus-Neptune trine supports this purpose and makes for a great day in love, socializing, pleasure and art. On the 19th, Mercury enters Cancer once again, this time in retrograde motion. Watch out for passive-aggressiveness and words with double meaning; it’s good to stay as honest and as assertive as possible about your emotions during this time. On the bright side, you can put that Mercury retro energy in the service of poetry and imagination! Around the 21st, Venus opposing Pluto makes for some rollercoaster days in love. Old emotional wounds can come up. Relationships can dissolve or be transformed. 


On the 22nd, the Sun enters his home sign, Leo, marking that time of the year when we can let our inner child and our inner king or queen truly shine. Spending time with children, getting involved heart and soul in an art project, enjoying the best that life has to offer are all pursuits that honor Leo’s energy. On the 25th, a fiery Mars-Jupiter trine supports us to go full speed ahead towards achieving our goals, fueled by enthusiasm and courage. Be careful not to overdo it! On the 27th, Venus enters Leo, where she will color our love and our social life in shades of gold. Wanting to be appreciated and pampered, as well as spoiling loved ones will be on the menu for the next month, so enjoy! Just stay mindful on the 29th, when the Leo Sun squares Uranus, making some sparks of stubbornness fly between us. It’s a good time to break some old patterns and get inspired with new alternatives to approach a situation while staying aware of any excess restlessness or self-righteousness that we might be feeling.

On the 31st, the second New Moon of the month is here, installing Leo on his rightful throne. A Leo New Moon can make us more sensitive to how we’re perceived and appreciated by others, but it also represents a moment when the seeds of our next creative projects are sown. Now we could meet the first signs of a new creative pursuit, a new romance, a new avenue linked to children or to education. Our inner child might feel insecure at first, but a new page is being turned for him. We can now set intentions of self-confidence, courage and love, especially since this New Moon conjuncts Venus, the goddess of love. This could translate into an actual relationship starting, into us attracting the right people into our life or into a new beginning in any area of our lives, but one infused with love and with a slow-burning passion. Uranus also sends a square towards this New Moon, making sudden changes very likely. It’s possible that we might be feeling restless or impulsive at this time; it helps to stay mindful and to seek healthy ways of rebelling. Finally, on this same day, Mercury turns direct again, unscrambling the words from our e-mails and making communication, especially with family and loved ones, easier again. Look back and see what this short retrograde period had you rethink and redesign… and read below for your personalized horoscope!

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