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January Monthly Horoscope - Taurus

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on January 01 2021

Dear Taurus, starting from the 6th, you’ll finally feel more energetic and ready to initiate the projects that you’ve been thinking about in the past months! If you’ve been working on your assertive skills, the following two months will definitely show the results. You’re entering a window of time when you’re supported to be bold, to put yourself out there, and to connect to your inner pioneer and warrior- all in your steady, grounded way. Starting from the 8th, it’s a good month for learning new things and widening your perspective as you allow yourself to be guided and to guide with authority. The 9th is a great day for self-expression, fun, romance, and discovery; you’ll be able to communicate effectively and to attract the necessary support from others, even as you’re working through some possible misunderstandings at work.

The 11th can bring insights or opportunities at the workplace, so keep your eyes open! At the same time, you might feel like it’s difficult to get your projects off the ground around the 13th, or that there are unexpected obstacles or pitfalls, possibly related to rules, regulations, or authority figures. Keep your perseverance, your self-discipline, and take things slowly when it comes to your goals and your career. On this same day, the Capricorn New Moon marks a new beginning for you in the areas of travel, spirituality, guides and teachers, higher education, and publishing. This is a time when your beliefs, your relationship to freedom, your connection to your guides (including your inner guide) could go through powerful transformations, all through situations that challenge you to meet your shadow side and to stand fully in your power. Important changes in your life- your appearance, your path, your social role- could catalyze this new beginning.

Make sure you consider any decisions related to work, responsibilities, and long-term goals twice before you jump into action around the 17th. Around the 20th, you might feel restless and hungry for change in important areas of your life; make sure you’re acting from a place of inner resolve rather than turmoil, and find an outlet (any kind of physical activity) for what could be an erratic level of energy this week. You could realize that your views, your idea of security, your attachments and expectations are being turned around at this time and that you need more independence and freedom than usual. Around the 23rd, there’s another window of time when your energy levels will be high and you’ll need to temper your enthusiasm- and your desire to break free from perceived limitations- with a bit of good planning. All in all, this week is challenging, but it’s also an opportunity to bring well-thought, productive changes in your life.

The 28th could bring opinion clashes or battles of will with close ones, or important transformations in the area of spirituality, belief, travel, or teaching. Hidden fears, desires, or underlying beliefs could come up for processing, helping you restore the link with your intuition and take back your power in relationships. On this same day, the Leo Full Moon highlights the results of what you’ve been up to in the past months in the area of family, home, tradition, roots, needs, and emotions, prompting you to connect to your inner child and to see how you can integrate their needs with your practical, work-related goals. This Full Moon could show you- perhaps through challenges in family relationships or even a change in residence- what you need to let go of in order to feel safer and more at home in your body and in the world. This will be an emotionally intense Moon, especially since you’re one of the signs who will feel it the most, so pay attention to what feelings are arising these days. Finally, starting from the 30th, Mercury retrogrades in your 10th house of career and public image, marking the beginning of three weeks when you’ll be reconsidering your goals, your long-term ambitions, your career, the way you want to be seen by others, and your relationship to authority, rethinking past choices and reshaping plans.

Magical Dates:

Love: 9, 11, 28

Career: 13

Money: 11

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: 13/1

Full Moon: 28/1

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