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January Monthly Horoscope - Scorpio

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on January 01 2021

Dear Scorpio, the 5th is a great day for enjoying art, socializing, and connecting to loved ones on a deeper level. You’re likely to be more in tune with other people’s needs and desires at this time, and more well-received by them for this reason.

The 9th warns you to keep your head clear when it comes to your finances; think twice before making a big purchase or taking a risk. On the bright side, it can be a good day for gentle spiritual practice and bodywork. Around the 11th, you could feel bolder than usual at work- it’s a great time to put forward new ideas or to take initiative for a new project. If you’ve been thinking of upgrading your exercise routine or your diet, this week has your back! At the same time, you could find yourself in situations where you’re asked to integrate- but not repeat- the past when it comes to your finances, your attitude towards money and abundance, your self-worth, your skills, and your relationship with your body. What patterns can you let go of in these areas?

Around the 14th, you might find yourself applying new ideas at work or in your daily routine as you’re embarking on a new beginning when it comes to the practical side of life with the Sagittarius mid-month Eclipse. What beliefs about money, self-worth, attachments (to comfort, to a person, or to an idea) are you being called to let go of on this Eclipse? This moment can bring changes in your finances, resources, and relationship with your body, and it’s a powerful time to set intentions in these areas. Another big thing is coming up for you this week: Jupiter and Saturn are entering your 4th house of home and family. For the following two years, these areas of your life will take center stage, bringing healing of past wounds and family relationships, but also asking for increased responsibility and awareness of your emotions and your needs. The following years could bring twists that challenge your need for comfort. We trust you to go with the flow and to find a sense of safety as you go.

On the 21st, the one-of-a-kind Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is a time to set your intentions about your family, your living space, your inner child, your connection with ancestors, and your need for security. What is your ideal home, your ideal way of connecting to family, and to your inner child? What do you want to build for yourself and for loved ones for the long term? Keep in mind that the effects of this cosmic moment will be felt for the next 20 (!) years. Starting from this same day, Capricorn season brings a focus on learning and communication for you in the following month, while the 23rd can bring power clashes at work or with people in your close environment, challenging you to assert yourself in a balanced way.

The Cancer Full Moon on the 29th can bring insights and peak moments in the area of travel, higher education, spirituality, or publishing, highlighting the way you’ve been listening to your intuition and pursuing self-growth in the past months. You’re challenged to integrate emotions and objectivity, reason and faith, a focus on your needs and on your immediate environment with a more broad-minded, adventurous perspective, all this while listening to the flow of your emotions and letting go of those preconceptions or inherited beliefs that no longer serve you. Finally, the 31st is another day when a past situation linked to finances, abundance or self-worth could come up in your life for integration.

Magical Dates:

Love: 5, 14

Career: 11

Money: 14 (Total Solar Eclipse in your house of money), 15-31 (Venus in your house of money)

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon (Total Solar Eclipse): 14/12

Full Moon: 29/12

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