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January Monthly Horoscope - Sagittarius

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on January 01 2021

Dear Sagittarius, starting from the 6th, you’re supported to invest energy in organizing your work and taking care of your health. The next two months are a great time to start an exercise routine or to take more initiative at the workplace. Your nervous system might be more easily overloaded than usual, so remember to take breaks and to appreciate your achievements before setting the next goal. Starting from the 8th, you’ll most easily find pleasure in material comforts for the following month. This same day could bring disputes at the workplace, while the 9th balances things out with a great vibe for effective communication, cooperation, and support.

Around the 11th, stay mindful of opportunities linked to communication and learning. You’ll feel exuberant and ready to share your wisdom with others. Around the 13th, you might feel like it’s difficult to make progress with your work or daily health/routine goals, or that there are unexpected obstacles or pitfalls on your path. Keep your perseverance, your self-discipline, and take things slowly. The Capricorn New Moon on this same day marks a new beginning for you in the area of finances, resources, skills, and comfort. This is a time when your business, your finances, your marketable skills, your relationship with your body, or your sense of security could go through powerful transformations, all through situations that challenge you to meet your shadow side in these areas and to find your inner power. What intentions are you setting for this transformative New Moon, and what new structures do you want to create after you’ve let go of old attachments?

Make sure you consider any decisions related to daily work, routines, lifestyle, or education twice before you jump into action around the 17th. Around the 20th, you might feel bored with routine and hungry for change, or you might find yourself reacting intensely to situations that trigger you at the workplace. You know what needs to change- if you’re ready to go for it, make sure you’re acting from a place of inner resolve rather than turmoil, and find an outlet (any kind of physical activity) for what could be an erratic level of energy this week. Especially around the 23rd, you’ll benefit from movement and being in nature, to avoid overworking yourself or exhausting your nervous system. All in all, this week is challenging, but it’s also an opportunity to bring well-thought, productive changes into your life.

The 28th could bring intense situations related to pent-up emotions and attachments. Past wounds or current desires could come up for processing in your relationships, prompting you to let go of what no longer serves you and to find your strength. These changes could also manifest in the area of money, resources, and linked to what’s giving you a sense of stability. On this same day, the Leo Full Moon highlights the results of what you’ve been up to in the past months when it comes to travel, spirituality, guides and teachers, higher education, or publishing. How have you been following your intuition in these areas, and how have you been sharing your wisdom with others? You’re now being called to integrate certainty with healthy doubt, faith with proof, exploring distant horizons with finding meaning in your close environment. Changes in your work and daily routines or the need for these changes can accompany this Full Moon. Finally, starting from the 30th, Mercury retrogrades in your 3rd house of learning and communication. Besides the usual shenanigans around communication, technology, and transport, these are three weeks when you’ll be reconsidering past info, perhaps rereading past courses, reconnecting with old friends or classmates, or revising projects linked to communication and education. This Mercury retro, embrace creative, out-of-the-box thinking.

Magical Dates:

Love: 9, 11

Career: 11

Money: 8-31 (Venus in your house of money), especially 13 (New Moon in your house of money)

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: 13/1

Full Moon: 28/1

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