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January Monthly Horoscope - Gemini

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on January 01 2021

Dear Gemini, the 4th can bring intense situations around sexuality, shared resources, past wounds, or spirituality; it’s a time to get to know your shadow side better, with both its fears and its desires, and to find those areas where you need to regain your power by letting go of excessive control. Starting from the 6th, you’re in for two months when you’ll best invest your energy by focusing on your inner world, your emotions, your unrealized plans, your spiritual practice and your beliefs. If you feel like your energy levels are lower, it’s because this is a time of introversion and incubation when you’re recharging your batteries. You could find yourself in situations where you need to work out your anger and your way of asserting yourself, but to let go of expectations that things will work out exactly the way as planned. Stay mindful of what you believe in and what your boundaries are during possible opinion clashes on the 8th, and enjoy an increased chance for deep connection around the 9th.  You’ll be able to communicate effectively and to attract the support you need at this time.

The 11th is a great time for studying a subject you’re interested in. You might find information that widens your perspective and your intuition could be spot-on at this time! Stay mindful of synchronicities and find practical ways of applying what you’ve learned. Around the 12th, you’ll need more freedom than usual, especially when it comes to expressing your beliefs and following your ideals unrestricted. Stay mindful of your triggers. The 13th could bring a vague sense of limitation and difficulty, with the Capricorn New Moon marking a new beginning for you in the area of sexuality, shared finances and resources, deep psychology, and transformation. It’s clearly a time of introspection when you’ll benefit from facing your demons head-on. What desires, impulses, fears are being revealed at this time? How is the Universe asking you to surrender and to make space for every part of you, for every experience you’re having, while savoring its intensity?

Make sure you consider any decisions related to travel, higher studies, spirituality, or publishing twice before you jump into action around the 17th. Starting from the 19th, you’re in for a month when these areas of your life will take center stage and you’ll be supported to explore and to grow. Around the 20th, you might feel restless and hungry for change; find an outlet (any kind of physical activity) for what could be an erratic level of energy this week. The general vibe for you is “wait, don’t rush” at this time, but if you do have to act, make sure you’re doing it from a place of inner resolve rather than turmoil in the areas mentioned above. All in all, this week is challenging, but it’s also an opportunity to bring well-thought, productive changes in your life.

The 28th could bring intense situations in your relationships, continuing the trend of this month: discovering more of your desires and impulses, handling situations linked to sovereignty and control, sharing resources, energy, and powerful moments with others. The end of January can be an amazing time for exploring in the bedroom with someone you trust. On this same day, the Leo Full Moon highlights the results of what you’ve been up to in the past months in the area of learning and communication, prompting you to weave knowledge into wisdom and to let go of thought patterns that prevent you from seeing the bigger picture. This Full Moon could show you- perhaps through results of past work, challenges, or changes- how to bring more joy, ease, and confidence to the way you communicate with others. Finally, starting from the 30th, Mercury retrogrades in your 9th house of travel, spirituality, guides and teachers, higher education, and publishing, marking the beginning of three weeks when you’ll be reconsidering your academic choices, your travel plans, your beliefs and opinions, or your role as a guide, rethinking past choices and reshaping plans.

Magical Dates:

Love: 1-8 (Venus in your house of relationships), 9

Career: 23

Money: 22, 26

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: 13/1

Full Moon: 28/1

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