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Monthly Horoscope - January Monthly Horoscope 2020

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on January 05 2020


January Monthly Horoscope 2020

Dear readers, we’re starting the year off with an expansive, yet serious vibe as Mercury’s sextile to Jupiter on the 2nd makes it a great time for socializing, learning and perhaps even traveling, especially in formal or work-related situations. Luckily, Mars enters Sagittarius on the 3rd, so at least a part of us will forget about formality until mid-February; even as some heavy transits come into focus this month, this part of us will constantly feel like laughing, exploring, following the bigger picture and enjoying freedom in its many forms.

It’s a great time for hoping and healing around the 7th and the 8th as dream-weaver Neptune sends two sextiles towards Mercury and the Sun, while Jupiter the healer conjuncts the South Node. This is a very strong karmic moment when our ties to the past (from this life or from others) can come to the surface in an amplified way. Notice if you tend to exaggerate patterns from your past during these days and look for the inner healer that can bring growth where wounds lie. Stay mindful of your inner authority and avoid self-righteousness or burnout at work- this can be a moment of abundance and liberation in unlikely ways. 

On the 10th, we have a strong Lunar Eclipse in Cancer that showcases the themes that have been active in this past couple of years: private life versus public life, home versus work, emotions versus tasks, authority versus nurturance. What new information linked to home, family, emotions, children, nurturance is coming up at this time and what about these things is coming to fruition in your life? How have you managed to take care of your inner child while at the same time taking responsibility for yourself as an adult? If you’re an Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you’ll be feeling this Eclipse more intensely; stay mindful of what happens in your life at this time, as it could be a healing of past wounds (linked to authority, performance, judgement) and a reorientation towards authenticity and brave vulnerability. It’s normal to feel more emotional than usual during this time- embrace it, let it flow. Around the 10th, we also have Uranus stationing towards direct, so we might be feeling keyed up, restless, hungry for change. How can you use this energy to break from established patterns?

On the 12th, we have a major astrological event: the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, only happening once every 35 years. This conjunction speaks of depth and transformation, boundaries and reconstruction, grief and strength. For the past year, Saturn and Pluto have been dancing close to each other, bringing these themes to our attention on an individual, but also on a collective level. Now a new cycle begins, one where we’re supported to transcend the rules and the limits that we’ve known until now, to process the stories of our wounds, to go through adversity towards light. Mercury also conjuncts both Saturn and Pluto at this time, so it could be a good idea to write in your journal or to talk things out with your coach/therapist, especially since the Sun conjuncts Pluto on the 13th, bringing our shadow side, our deepest fears, desires and treasures to light. It’s a moment of powerful restructuring and transformation. At the same time, giving us a small break, Venus enters the sultry sign of Pisces, where she’ll enchant us with art, poetry and dreams until the 7th of February, favouring romantic moments, as well as small acts of escapism and kindness.

On the 20th, the Sun shifting from Capricorn to Aquarius can feel as if someone just gave your office the craziest of makeovers- it’s the season of freedom, experimenting, spending time with your soul tribe (or looking for it), as well as the season of change and revolution. After this month’s Eclipse and Saturn-Pluto conjunction, it’s a breath of fresh air! Stay mindful not to be a rebel without a cause around the 23rd and channel that vibrant Aquarius energy into an inventive project or approach, colouring outside the lines. On the 24th, the Aquarius New Moon bears the mark of this need for change and for progress. What is starting anew in your life at this moment? Where can you feel the darkness before a surprising dawn? Set your intentions linked to groups, friends, innovation, technology, hopes for the future, while staying mindful of any tendency to be too stubborn in your ways or to confuse change with what is, in fact, a different kind of stagnation. Either way, clashes with authority might be ominous as, luckily, we’re connecting more with our need to follow our ideals and to find the people who share them.

On the 27th, love goddess Venus conjuncts spiritual Neptune in dreamy Pisces, so you can imagine the vibe of this month’s end- love, romantic gestures, dreaming about your loved one and bringing a dose of imagination in your relationship, art of all kinds and an emotional openness that allows us to relate from the heart (preferably not from illusion or deceit). Both Venus and Neptune are squaring action-oriented Mars in Sagittarius, igniting passion while also prompting us to balance give and take, assertion and compromise. 

How will this packed start of the year influence you? Read below for your Sun Sign and Ascendant to find out!



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