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How to Open Your Chakras - As explained by an episode of Airbender

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on January 21 2018

If you have ever wanted a simple, no fuss explanation of what chakras are and how to work them, I highly recommend checking out this youtube video.  It is only 10 minutes, but I guarantee it will be 10 minutes that will stick with you for a while.  

In case you are at work and can’t watch the video until later, here is a brief summary of what I learned about the Chakras in 10 minutes.  Please note that these are what I took away from the video. 

First Chakra - Root - Red
Focus - Survival
Common Blockage - Fear
Blockage Removal - Visualize fears and then releasing them

Second Chakra - Sacral - Orange
Focus - Pleasure
Common Blockage - Guilt and Blame
Blockage Removal - Forgive yourself for all of your ‘perceived’ mistakes or shortcomings.

Third Chakra -
Focus - Willpower
Common Blockage - Shame
Blockage Removal - Let go of disappointments

Fourth Chakra - Heart
Focus - Love
Common Blockage - Grief
Blockage Removal - Release sadness and loss.

Fifth Chakra - Throat
Focus - Truth
Common Blockage - Lies we tell ourselves
Blockage Removal - Accept yourself as you are.

Sixth Chakra - Third Eye
Focus - Insight
Common Blockage - Illusion of Separation
Blockage Removal - Let go of judgement, we are one and the same.

Seventh Chakra - Crown
Focus - Cosmic Awareness
Common Blockage - Attachment to Earthly Matters
Blockage Removal - Release attachments

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