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Step 2 – How to manifest with the Law of Attraction?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 15 2019

Now that we have settled all the basics on what the law of attraction is and how it works in Step 1 – it’s time to start manifesting with the Law of Attraction. But, how exactly do you do that? Don’t worry we have you covered! Read on:

Choosing the right goals

In these busy modern life, there is so much information flowing through our minds every day. With so much information going around through our minds you have to wonder – are my thoughts my own? Are my dreams my own? And these are the two key questions you should ask yourself if you want to vibe the right way with the Law Of Attraction. We are subjective beings, so before you start with all the fancy visualization techniques, you have to determine your true desires for your life. The easiest way to know if a goal you have set is right is by experiencing the following mix of emotions:

  • Passion

  • Fear

  • Excitement

  • Joy

If it’s not causing you joy, and a surge of excitement while making you a bit scary – you have chosen the wrong goal. Find your passion, and you will see that the Law of Attraction will help you manifest your goals.


Visualization is the most common technique that you will come by to achieve your goals in life and to make the Law of Attraction work for you. But, is a simple daydream of your perfect life really enough to kick-start change? Well, first of all, you have to understand – daydreaming is not the same thing as visualization. And there have been even scientific studies that prove that visualization actually works. Visualization is a process of creating realistic mental images of your ideal future life.

The concept behind this is that your subconscious mind receives information best through images. If you show it what you want, then on a subconscious level you will start to attract the life you have imagined. However, visualization is NOT daydreaming. It requires much more effort. The simplest way to explain it is that daydreaming is letting your subconscious mind free to toy around and create. Visualization is the conscious mind communicating with your subconscious mind.

When you are trying to have a successful visualization session you need to imagine realistic images of your future self. Images that will shake you and awake strong, deep emotional responses from yourself. It has to be something that you really desire and love. It has to awake that magical spark inside and make it burn wilder and harder, until the flames of your magic within create and shape your reality.


And of course the most important part is changing your actions and thoughts. You can’t change your life if you don’t change yourself first. We are not talking about changing your identity, but rather to rewire the toxic negative patterns that hold you back. Here are some tips on how to start off easily:

  • Affirmations – As you already know, whatever you put in your mind, gets to your subconscious mind – and eventually it forms a pattern or a habit that always leads you to the same outcome. A few patterns, a few habits and a whole paradigm is formed around which your life revolves in the comfort zone.

    Sounds depressing right? That’s because you didn’t focus on the right part! Whatever you think, sooner or later becomes your reality. Whatever you put after the phrase: “I am” sooner or later you become. So, use the power of affirmations to your advantage.

    Why should you feed your subconscious mind thoughts like: “I am useless” “I can’t do anything right” when you can feed it thoughts like “I am unwavering” , “I can do anything I set my mind to”?

  • Pick up a new book – Books are the gateway to a new world, to a new reality. Whichever book you pick up, you will get some wisdom out of it one way or another. So, make it a habit of yours to start reading more. Besides the books that you usually read, once in a while pick up a new book, something outside your comfort zone because sometimes, only one book can change your life.

  • Do one thing differently everyday – Take a new road to work, exercise before you rush off into the sunset, smile more, do the extra effort at work, help someone – whichever it is do something different right here, right now. Make the conscious decision to change something every day, no matter how simple it is.

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