How To Love Yourself A Little Deeper?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on February 06 2020

You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn't worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.

Louise L. Hay

In today's society it seems like most of us are stuck in a very specific pattern. Every day, we set out on a mission, to achieve the impossible amount of tasks - in our private, work and love lives. It’s illogical, and yet we do set these impossibly high standards, that no one can achieve. Then when we fail because the standards are unrealistic, we blame ourselves - but not because we didn’t set more realistic standards but because we didn’t achieve the unachievable. We feel unworthy. And even the things we achieved are simply brushed off simply because we didn’t do more. 

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.


Self-love is the very foundation that you must set so you can build yourself upwards, and grow into the magnificent person that you were always meant to be. If you don’t learn how to love yourself - no matter what you do anything in your life simply won’t be enough. Because, you will always search for that love that is missing, in the wrong places. And that whole negative pattern will stuck you in a loop that you will repeat throughout your life, never growing. And that is not a way to awaken your magic! That is why, we are sharing with you one of the most awesome self-love rituals that we have! Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Lavender Incense You know we have to set up the mood right? Aromatherapy has been known since the dawn of time to be used as a cure or energy and mood enhancer. What better way to get in the mood for some self-loving than by burning some lavender incense.  This scent is known to evoke feelings of love and affection. Light this baby up and get ready to let the love in.

Healing Soy Herbal Filled Votive Candle - Before you light this candle up, we want you to do a short meditation.  Take a few deep breaths and then start to think about the last time you felt an overwhelming feeling of love.  Maybe someone did something really kind for you or you shared something close to your heart with another.

Or maybe you had just fallen in love.  Try to go back to their feeling, recall as many details as you can to try to bring that same feeling into your chest. It should feel like a really warm sensation emanating from your body.  Take as much time as you need and when you feel it coming back to you, light your candle. Our goal is to replace any pain with love with this magical healing candle.

A Little Love Wishlet Finally, it’s time to commit yourself by surrounding yourself with love and constant reminders to be kinder to yourself. Tie your Wishlet to your wrist or ankle. When the wishlet falls off, it is believed to be a sign that your wish has come true.  When you look down and see this, know that you are only getting closer to loving yourself to the maximum. 

Rose Quartz Bracelet Throughout history, people have been always interested and attracted to gemstones. They help us enhance and transmit certain types of energy, depending on the gemstone. This Quartz Bracelet is not only beautiful to wear, but it also helps you to get in touch with yourself and love yourself. The stone itself is known as the “love stone” that helps with self-acceptance, soothes heartaches and bring compassion and peace.  Place it before the candle during your self-love ritual to lock down the intentions and positive energy within the bracelet along with the gemstone wand.

Anytime you need a boost of self-love, put this bracelet on and meditate on your heart chakra. It is even better when you wear it with yourself everywhere you go because it will always lead you down the path that will surround you with the most love. 

Gemstone Wand - And now that you have awakened self-love, it's time to cut ties with everything that holds you back from loving yourself and increase the energy of everything that enhances your self-love. Breathe in and breathe out. Take the Gemstone Wand into your hand and close your eyes. Start chanting your self-love affirmation. We have dropped down a few samples for you, but you can combine them, or think of a new one on your own:

  • Today, I choose me.

  • My life is a place of balance and harmony.

  • I deserve the love I give myself.

  • I am worthy.

  • I am magic.

  • I love my body and all it does for me.

  • I have the power to change my world.

  • I have much to celebrate about myself and my life.

  • I am deserving of happiness, love, peace, freedom, money, and anything else I desire.

  • I accept myself unconditionally.

  • I respect my accomplishments and celebrate my successes.

  • The only approval I’ll ever need is mine.

Hold the wand with the pointy end outwards. Hold your hand straight to the side and begin making circular motions around your whole body. Visualize the black ties that are dragging you backward in life getting cut down, crushing into million pieces, never to be formed again. It is okay if all the ties aren’t broken with the first circle. Continue making the circular motion and feel how a huge weight is lifted from yourself. Now, it's time to increase the self-love you have awakened earlier.

Hold the wand with the opposite end ( the not pointy one) towards your chest. Touch your chest and begin clockwise movement. Close your eyes, and visualize the love energy from your chakra overflowing your body. Like a never-ending well, it fills you up, it mends all the cracks within your soul and heart and frees you from negativity. As you continue the motion, imagine the energy overflowing outside of you, towards every part of your life. 

Now open your eyes, leave the wand on your altar and say a little prayer for gratitude for the newfound love and self-love within yourself.

3 Mini Activities for Magical Self-Love

Start Each Day By Loving Yourself 

Keep your love candle and gemstone wand close to your bed. As soon as you hear your alarm go off in the morning, don’t hit the snooze button and go for a few extra minutes of sleep. Instead, light the candle, set 15 mins on the snooze button, sit up in bed and start remembering every moment in your life filled with love. Once you start feeling the deep emotions within yourself, grab the gemstone wand and start clockwise movements on your chest to increase the nourishing, positive energy within yourself.

Before You Go To Work Love 

Enough with taking your body for granted! Even if you have the most amazing body in the world, there will always be some kind of flaw that only you can see. Your body is your temple. And its time to treat it that way. Before you go to work, stand in front of the mirror and pay attention to how good you look, and what you love about yourself. Give yourself a compliment, smile to yourself and go to work!

A Self-Love Reminder 

Remember that mantra that you wrote down above? Or maybe you just used one, or a mix of few of the affirmations above? Either way, carry it with you. Every time you feel negative, start chanting your mantra quietly within yourself.



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