How to Invite Abundance Using Feng Shui?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on April 23 2020

How to Invite Abundance Using Feng Shui? If you are trying to figure out how to use Feng Shui to invite abundance and wealth to your home, then here are a few tips:

Cleanse Your Space

The most important part before you does any energy work is to cleanse the energy in your home. Use Sage or Palo Santo to remove any negative vibes and to ensure that the energy flow is back to normal.


Besides the energetical removal of blocks, you should also clear out your home physically and remove anything that creates clutter. The more cluttered your home, the more uncomfortable you will feel, and the more difficult it will be for life energy to flow freely.

Use Chinese Coins

Although the Chinese currency has been changed a lot over the years, ancient Chinese coins are still around because they are one of the most efficient and popular symbols for inviting abundant energy in Feng Shui. It’s important to first cleanse any tools and symbols and then use them in your home. Setting your Chinese Coins in your home office or in the room you usually do your finances. You can also thread them together with red yarn in different patterns and knots to further enhance their abundant energy.

Use Crystals

Place crystals in your home to increase the flow of energy and increase the abundant energy. A great enhancer of vibes is Clear Quartz, but you can also use purple and orange crystals like amethysts and citrine. The best way to enhance the vibes would be to place a citrine in your office, clear quartz in your living room, and amethyst in your bedroom or in any other place in your home.

Set Plants In Your Home

Although plants enhance the overall life energy in your entire home, there are certain plants that can increase abundant energy as well. Lucky Bamboo plants with three or five stacks are best for inviting abundant energy in your home.

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