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Step 2 – How To Become More Grateful?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 16 2020

Throughout history, humans have advanced more than any other species on Earth. The biggest part of our progress is that we all want to become more. We are curious, always exploring, learning and pushing forward to creating our future. Dreaming big has led us forward. However, in our modern way of life in the 21st century dreaming big has suddenly turned into something very scary.

Dreaming big has turned into a future that we struggle so hard to achieve, that most of the time we are not seeing and acknowledging what we already have. And it’s sad, not being able to appreciate all the wonderful things and people we have in our lives because we are too busy trying to achieve the unachievable.

Life is all about balance. Creating your own damn magic is an amazing goal to pursue, but you have to pace yourself right so that you don’t miss out on the joy of enjoying your created magic. Even if today’s life is not the life of your dreams, the perfect, most ideal life – it’s an amazing life that you have created for yourself!

That’s why this month’s growth plan is devoted to Gratefulness, because gratefulness is the core of our happiness and feeling of fulfillment today, in this very moment, with the life we are living now. However, it’s hard to practice being grateful if you have adopted a mindset that something is always missing and that your life is never great or amazing at this very moment. That’s why today we are sharing a few tips to help you become more grateful:

Break Off Negative Thoughts

If you often feel like you are feeling somehow under the weather, or you are sad for no reason, stop and pay attention to your thoughts. With so many obligations each day it’s easy for anyone to turn on autopilot mode on, where your thoughts might lead you to despair without even noticing it. That’s where gratefulness comes in.

If you are feeling sad, or under the weather, and you are noticing negative thoughts when you pay attention, then simply shift your focus to something good that has happened to you. For each negative thought, you catch drifting through your mind, think of three things you are grateful for. At first, it will be hard to even notice the negative thoughts, however with time, you will break off negative thought patterns completely using this method. Even applying this method once a day, can do a huge difference over time!

Gratitude Journal

An even better way to become more grateful is to start off your very own gratitude journal. If you are not a very expressive person, then simply start off easily – each day write one thing that you are grateful for in your life. It can be anything at all! Then once a week, sit down and read back to all the things you wrote in your gratefulness journal so that you can remind yourself that you have way more to be grateful for than you imagined!

Be More Objective

Whenever you feel like you simply can’t be grateful for anything at the moment, because you are way too upset and it feels like your whole life is falling apart, take a few deep breaths and start thinking objectively. Will this issue matter next year, this time? What about three years from now? Would this issue be important if you had no roof over your head, living in famine, or in the middle of a war zone?

Although these questions and thoughts might seem a little extreme, sometimes when you are very upset you need to give yourself a good jolt that will help you realize that your issues are not as big as you thought they might be. Furthermore, these are all things to be grateful for – having a roof over your head, having food on your table and living in a peaceful environment.

We hope that these tips will help you to become more grateful in everyday life!



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