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How To Balance The Solar Plexus Chakra?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 27 2020

Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.

Golda Meir

Often, in this modern, busy way of life, we chase after our ridiculously long to-do lists. Day by day, the lists get longer but the length of the days remains the same. As the lists pile up, you can’t help but feel like you have failed when in reality you have just taken too much on your plate. But, failing to see the bigger picture is a common issue, and many of us begin feeling small and even set their lives on autopilot. And that is no way to live, and little less create your own magic! You have the power to take your life into your own hands, and become the master of your own fate - you just need a little Solar Plexus Balancing.

Your Solar Plexus Chakra is the energy center of personal strength and power. It is located above your belly button, near the diaphragm and it is represented with a shimmering, golden, dark yellow color. The Solar Plexus fiery nature, when properly functioning ignites flames of self-confidence, unwavering will and a no BS attitude - to others and to yourself.

All the self-victimization, laziness and being undermined by others is a sign of a blockage of the energy of the Solar Plexus Chakra. Other signs of imbalance include:

  • Controlling, intolerant, or excessively competitive behavior

  • Overeating and overindulgence

  • Fatigue or excessive laziness

  • Insecurity, anxiety, and fear

  • Low body weight and poor appetite

  • Lack of confidence and poor self-image

  • Inability to focus and lack of organization

It’s time to take matters into your own hands, see the bigger picture and set free your personal power. It’s time for you to shine:

  1. We always love to kick off any ritual or self-healing activity with a little mood setting.  First, let’s cleanse the energy around you. Light up your Palo Santo Cone to neutralize anything yucky hanging around you.  Remember to imagine anything that does not serve you flying far far away from you. 

  2. Next, let’s use a Soy Herbal Filled Compassion Candle to really get the energy flowing for you. Compassion is one of the greatest healers of your Solar Plexus and this fragrance will trigger exactly that feeling.  Light it up while asking the Universe to help you accept a bit more compassion for yourself and others into your life. How are you feeling so far?

  3. The mood is set, and now it’s time to get to work. We recommend that you add a couple of drops of the Green Tree Fragrance Oil to the ritual candle before you light it to help you boost your focus but you don’t have to. Your pick.  Either way, light up the candle and place it on your altar or any safe way you do magical work. Now, try to increase your focus and connection to the Solar Plexus Chakra. Feel your solar plexus. What’s happening there?  What does it feel like? Jot it down.

  4. Next, imagine a lotus growing there and removing away anything that doesn’t belong. This lotus can be a white or beautiful yellow color. Imagine it growing bigger and stronger, moving in pulsing just wiping away your insecurities, fears, and blocks.  Allow the lotus to cleanse and restore your solar plexus.  

  5. Let’s take it a step further and release a little more of what might be ailing us by using a shamanic technique to release energetic ties that are stunting us. Write down the names of three people who you have toxic interactions with.

    • Person 1

    • Person 2

    • Person 3

  6.  Don’t worry, it’s not that we are asking the universe to remove these people from our lives, we are asking for the removal of the energetic cords or toxic triggers we have with that person to be removed giving us a chance to either heal those patterns or let the relationship go altogether.  Some people are frightened to let go, but imagine how much better your relationships could be if you could let go of the triggers or bad habits you’ve created together and start anew.

    This is why you will now imagine yourself using your Selenite Wand to energetically cut those ties. Imagine each person being attached to you with a long silver cord of negative energy.  You can even summon how you feel sometimes with them. Now, take your selenite wand and slice right through it, imagining that interaction fading away to the past.  Now, tell that person you love them and let them go, deciding if you want to start again without those old habits or let them go completely.    

  7. Finally, since you’re feeling all balanced and have let go of folks keeping you away from your magic, let’s make a little crystal grid to keep this energy flowing.  Set up the Seed of Life Cotton Crystal Grid, and place one of the below crystals at the center of the Grid based on your intention.  We picked the Seed of Life for this grid as it represents the building block of all energy in the universe.  Having a balanced solar plexus really is the start of creating our own magic so the two fit nicely.  

    • Pyrite - Offers protection and awakens creativity

    • Carnelian - Banish laziness and creative blocks

    • Gold Tiger Eye - Restores balance between opposing forces inside you and helps you to see the bigger picture.

  8. Place the Clear Quartz Natural points around the focal crystal to amplify its energy. Breathe in and breathe out. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Feel the fiery golden rays of Solar Plexus energy growing within you, reigniting your magic and awakening your true personal power. Write an affirmation or intention you wish for this crystal grid to bring you.  Some sample affirmations are:

  • I am confident.

  • I release the judgement of others.

  • I embody confidence and inner peace.

  • I am deserving of respect and love.

  • I use my power for good. 

  • I believe in myself.

  • I create abundance.

  • I manifest with ease and grace.

  • I am free from the need to always be right.

  • I am in tune with my creativity.

  • I am free from the limitations of others.

  • I am free from power struggles.

  • I am open to new ways of doing things.

Say it aloud and use your finger to connect all the crystals in your grid.  Give the universe your gratitude for allowing you to manifest whatever you need.  Finally, remember to cleanse your crystals once a week and to re-infuse them with your intention.

Whenever you want to re-experience these emotions, or you feel like this day something is getting the better of you burn some more Palo Santo Incense or even the Green Tea Fragrance Oil. 

We hope that with this ritual we have helped you to gain control over your life, and shine on - radiating with magic wherever you go!



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