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Creating your magic in 2019 – The Happiness Jar!

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 01 2019

Day by day, time passes and 2019 is knocking on our doors. Time sure flies by – right? We bet that last year you made some resolutions, and this year you will make some more. But, in reality, did you really achieved them, or are you making the same old resolutions each year? And the most important question – were you happy and satisfied with your achievements? Because we have a mini resolution just for you, that will transform 2019 for you! Wondering what it is? It’s the happiness jar! We have used this simple method to keep a clearer perspective on our lives, and we just realized it might be the source of all our magic. So, that’s why we are sharing it with you!

What is the Happiness Jar?

Well, each year you set up resolutions and goals, but do you think if they will make you happier or are they things to do on your checklist? Because, in reality, you might want to do a lot of things in your life, and take on so many obligations and responsibilities that it gets hard to breathe – little less to make time to be happy or mind the happy moments of your life.

We’ve all been there – saying that last year was bad and hope that this one will be better, but is it really so? Often we all keep remembering the bad things and paying little attention to the good things. No matter how tiny, the happy moments are what life is all about. And that is the happiness/gratitude jar. A simple project to help you remind yourself of all the good things that happened and put things into perspective.

How does a happiness jar work?

A happiness jar can be any jar. You get a few tokens that you cherish and decorate it however you like. Then, you write the good things that happened to you and put the pieces of paper in the jar. Simple, right? We have done this for years and it really helps. There are so many happy moments in our lives that we forget about, it’s really a shame. And, the best part is when you open the jar, it’s a pure bundle of happy/joyful notes. You start reading about things that you completely forgot happened and you feel this deep sense of gratitude and happiness. That is why sometimes, people refer to the jar as a gratitude jar.

How to make a happiness jar?

Step 1: Choose a jar

Step 2: Decorate it any way that you want. We made ours really simple, but you can get really creative.

“The little elephant that you see on the picture below is a pendant from a necklace that a very dear person gave to me, wishing me to be happy for all eternity. That is why I have chosen to attach it to my jar because it has a very deep meaning for me and makes me instantly be in a good mood whenever I see it.”

Owner of the jar

Step 3: Next, put a bunch of notes and a pen next to it.

Steo 4: We keep our jars in our closets, but you can keep it somewhere more visible, to remind you to write in it often.

Step 5:. Then, there are two ways to do it – You can write in your jar every day, or you can write from time to time. There really isn’t a rule, but we recommend to do it daily because this will help you shift your perspective day by day.

Just imagine how amazing it would be, no matter how harsh a day was – you will develop a habit to always find something positive in any day!

Step 6: Open your jar at the end of the year or when things get tough – it’s really up to you. But, we guarantee – this jar will change your life!

Bonus Tip: And the best part? It’s such an amazing concept that you can even make a happiness jar for a friend! What better gift to give to a friend than happiness?

We hope that you liked this idea! We have in store for you even more magical ideas to transform every day little by little and have the best year yet!

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