New Moon In Gemini - Let's Set Intentions!

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 19 2020

The New Moon is all about planting new seeds of intention and kicking starting new habits in your life. The keyword for this moon phase is starting. Sometimes starting happens in your mind and other times it means getting out there and starting some new.

This is the perfect time to make a list of anything you wish to manifest in the future, create a vision board of an area in your life you desire to change, or even light a candle to signify the need for change. Anyone new who comes into your life around this time could be of significance, as they more than likely bring some sort of gift of healing and learning for you.

Also, if you want to make a change to your appearance or start a new wellness routine, making this change or starting this new habit around the New Moon gives it an extra kick. New Moon energy is great for creating lasting changes in our life.

How To Use A New Moon To Manifest Your Dreams?

The best way to grow monthly is to write down a list of all your goals, desires, and things you want to achieve. You really have to sit down and work on figuring things out. It won’t come to you all at once. So remember to give yourself the time to figure things out. Pour your heart out, write all of your dreams!

Then, whenever the right energy comes during each moon pick out goals that you will start to work on. Although you can work on as many as you want, we recommend you work on no more than three things on your list each new moon. If you focus on too many things at the same time, you’ll just overwhelm yourself.

Creating your own damn magic takes time, and instead of trying to be a one-man army, and do everything in a month, give yourself the time and space, and perform an intention setting ritual monthly.

What Should You Focus On This Gemini New Moon?

Gemini season is on, bringing a youthful kind of energy in our lives and a new lease of life when it comes to communication and learning. This is a New Moon that will have us feeling curious about what’s next and eager to connect the dots. For many of us, it could be the dawn of a new hobby, a new writing or communication project, or a new friendship.

Poetry And Echoes From The Past

As Mercury, Gemini’s ruler forms an exact conjunction with retrograde Venus at this time, we have a New Moon that is equally about the future as it is about the past. Old classmates, friends, or lovers could come up in our lives again. Past ideas, plans, hobbies could be revised or remembered. An important question to ask yourself now is: what do you love doing?

What makes you feel excited, curious, what keeps you young? Let’s do more of the things that energize us, inspired by what we used to love as children or teens. At the same time, this New Moon trines retrograde Saturn in Aquarius, an aspect that tones down some of the enthusiasm and asks us to think of the practical side of life.

What is starting now will have strong echoes for a longer period of time; this is why it helps to revise our plans, to anticipate obstacles, and to connect to our long-term vision for the future. Past goals and plans will be up for revision at this time.

Beyond Gemini’s youthful energy, this New Moon also brings a serious vibe to our thoughts and communications. Meeting others with integrity and responsibility becomes a priority, especially since we could be dealing with karmic (re)encounters these days.

Tense aspects from Mars and Neptune in Pisces can make some of us prone to deceit, manipulation, passive-aggressiveness, or lethargy, so relying on routines, structures, and personal values can really help at this time. We could see a temporary rise in contagion (physical or emotional) or in fake news, so let’s take care of ourselves and rely on trustworthy sources.

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are the signs who will feel this New Moon the most. During these days (and especially for the mentioned signs), meditation, breathing, or journaling can be powerful tools for calming the mind. It could also help to find a creative outlet, perhaps poetry or crafting. Set your intentions… then let them go, trusting the Universe to work on them as you do your best day by day, step by step.

Gemini New Moon Intention Setting Ritual

Wondering how to use the Gemini New Moon energy? Here is a ritual to help you manifest your magic:


Place all of your tools in front of you and light a White Sage Smudge Stick. White Sage Smudge Stick is perfect for cleansing everything that doesn’t belong to you, where you let go of what no longer serves you, thus making space for new, healthier habits. Take a few deep, calming breaths.

Then take the stick and do three, slow, clockwise circles around your tools. Make sure you distribute the smoke with your other hand so that they can be enveloped with smoke. Then, as you exhale, say out loud: “Everything that doesn’t belong to me, I let it go willfully.” Then open your window to let all the vibes that don’t belong to you out. Awesome!


Now take your Sodalite Heart, sit in a comfortable position, and take a few deep breaths. No crystal radiates with wisdom and tranquility as Sodalite. It’s an amazing crystal to help you start your spiritual journey, which makes it perfect for meditating - especially during a Gemini New Moon that’s all about getting inner insight and where you are at life, and figuring out where you are going.

Let the beautiful Sodalite energy guide you. Take deep breaths and focus on feeling the energy of Sodalite in your hands.

Breathe. When you feel ready, focus on your intentions. Then open your eyes and set aside the heart.

Candle Carving

Take your peace candle out of its glass canister, and take a toothpick or a candle carving knife, and carve a peace sign. Then, carve the initials of the intention that you have in mind. Hold your candle in one hand, and in the other the Sodalite heart.

Then focus on your intention intensely, visualize it, and when you are ready, light your candle. Light your candle every day until it burns completely. Never blow out your candle, instead, use your wet fingers to take the flames out!

Wear Crystals

During this Gemini New Moon period, an amazing way to get profound insight is to also wear a bit of Lapis Lazuli, and let your intuition guide you towards the right path.

We hope that this Gemini New Moon Ritual helps you in creating your own damn magic!

Let us know, how did it go?



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