Four Astrological Events You Don't Wanna Miss This June

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on June 15 2020

Dear Magical Members,

With two eclipses and two newly retrograde planets, June will weave our emotions into a colorful web, marking an unconventional summer’s start. While Venus resumes her direct motion, helping us wrap things up in the area of relationships, Mercury and Neptune both retrograde in sensitive water signs, opening the floodgates of our emotions once again. 

While Mars in Aries turns up the heat, fueling our passions as Cancer season begins, the second Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of the year urges us to keep our feet on the ground in the middle of it all. Let’s unravel more of this month’s secrets below!

Mercury Retrograde: June 18

This summer’s season of confusion takes place from June 18 to July 12, but we’re already feeling its influence starting with June 2, when Mercury enters his retrograde shadow.

In the protective, emotional sign of Cancer, the planet of communication will have us turn our mind inwards, analyzing our past, collecting memories, fostering forgiveness and working on our relationship with family.

Mercury retrograde makes us more subjective and emotional than usual, a tendency that crabby Cancer can be prone to amplify.

While we’re working through situations from our past, perhaps tying up loose ends with an old friend or relative, we might feel the need to choose our communication partners more carefully.

Emotions will run high and we’ll need someone safe to share our inner world with, whether it’s a partner, a friend or a family member. This Mercury retro, don’t be afraid to fall back on your support system!

Imagination, intuition and poetry can help us navigate the shifting waters of Cancer, while sorting through memory boxes or thinking of home improvements can clear some of the stagnant energy that this transit is bringing up. Sometimes, the past is just the story we tell ourselves, and this could hold true more than ever during this Mercury retrograde.  Let’s remember the beautiful stories and find ways of integrating challenging ones. 

As usual, Mercury retro can bring mix-ups with documents, short trips, transportation, communication,  with an extra influence on real estate, home or family matters this summer. Consider rethinking and replanning before you start something new in these areas. It isn’t excluded for some of us to return to our childhood home or to work from home during the following period. If you have placements between the 5th and the 15th degree of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, you’ll be feeling this Mercury retrograde the most!

Neptune Retrograde: June 23

Dreamy Neptune spends about half of every year in retrograde motion, so its hazy, boundary-dissolving energy is more like a subtle undercurrent that we’re all used to by now. As Neptune does his dance, we can see secrets coming to the surface, illusions unraveling, aspirations, and fantasies either gaining ground or dissolving into nothingness.

A highlight of the longer Neptune retrograde period is the days between June 12 and July 5, when the sea god will appear to stand still in the skies before moving backward.

Stationary Neptune surrounds us with a veil of dreams and promises, making it a great time for meditation and prayer, music and stories, poetry, and cinema. Many of us will immerse ourselves in our favorite piece of fiction, while others will spend more time in prayer or in silence. 

We can see more acts of kindness, but we can also wade through the confusion. It helps to keep our sense of realism so we don’t get dragged down by lies, fake news, or illusions of any kind, especially by those who (perhaps unconsciously) try to cross our boundaries. This Neptune retrograde, let’s find a balance between losing ourselves in what we love and tracing the lines that allow us to take care of our well-being, charging our batteries, and taking care of our health before giving back.

Mars in Aries: June 27

Brace yourself for an extended fast ride as passionate Mars transits his home sign, Aries, from June 27 to next year’s January 6! Even if he’ll be shifting to a lower gear for two months of retrogradation, internally we’ll be on fire the whole time, fueled by passion and instinct as we’re itching to make things happen.

Mars in Aries is all about swift, intuitive action emerging from the pre-verbal language of our instincts. The warrior god is at home in tempestuous Aries, where courage and self-determination turn him into a pioneer- often a loner- with tremendous energy for reaching his goals.

For the rest of the year, we’re called to embody this fierce energy by clarifying our ambitions, daring to start things on our own, and assuming risks when our intuition tells us to. It’s a time to leave behind what other people might expect from us and to take steps toward what we really want from life, building confidence along the way. The shadow side of Mars in Aries can come up as a short temper or a tendency to rebel against anything that we might perceive as limiting. If there are arguments to be had, they’ll probably unfold during this transit, reaching a conclusion towards the end of the year.

Mars in Aries needs to balance out its strong individualism with a healthy dose of cooperation, especially during these trying times. To avoid saying or doing things that we might regret later, it helps to stay mindful and to invest all that fiery energy into physical exercise or an activity that we’re deeply passionate about. 

By the start of next year, many of us will have sorted out power imbalances in our relationships and careers with a new-found sense of confidence and trust in our ability to go after the things (or the people) that we want. If you have strong Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn placements, the rest of 2020 can be a real game-changer for you!

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: June 30

The Capricorn conjunction between expansive Jupiter and transformative Pluto happens three times in 2020 and is one of the trademarks of the year, marking a time of social upheaval that can (paradoxically) foster healing through the crisis.

If the first conjunction found us in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis at the beginning of April, the second meeting of these now retrograde major planets is a time when we’ll be considering the consequences of the past months.

The changes are at their most obvious in our professional lives (Capricorn rules work) at the start of an economic crisis that will probably last for years to come.

The conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto marks the beginning of a 12-year cycle when we’ll see big changes in the area of work, social hierarchy, social equality, wealth distribution, as well as in education, justice, and health. Around June 30, it could become clearer what kind of measures will be needed in these areas to help us recover and grow beyond the current crisis, in its many forms.

On a personal level, we could feel more tired or pressured by work around the 30th. It’s a time to keep our efforts constant, remembering our long-term vision, but avoiding overexertion. Progress is likely to be slow at this time, even as we might find incredible focus and determination for the projects that we’re invested in. 

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