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February Monthly Horoscope - Scorpio

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on February 02 2020

Dear Scorpio, starting with the 3rd, your thinking and communication style will be more creative than usual, so have some fun with it! Starting from the 7th, the easiest way to find love and pleasure will be through enjoying the day’s simple treasures or doing your work with dedication. On the 9th, the Leo Full Moon illuminates the area of career and public image for you, bringing the harvest of the seeds you’ve sown last August. Have you found a little balance between your home life and your career? What results have your willpower and creativity led you towards in these past months? Don’t be afraid of taking initiative when it comes to using your abilities in a practical, profitable way. Around the 10th, past wounds linked to work, sacrifice, power imbalances could come up. Ask yourself what part of you has been hurt and how you can retrieve the energy you’ve unconsciously given away to people you wanted to please or to help. Starting from the 16th, you’ll get an extra boost of energy and passion when it comes to communication, so dare to speak your mind loud and clear! You could also be more prone to entering conflicts, so stay mindful of your first impulse if it’s the case, noticing and questioning instead of reacting immediately. Also starting from the 16th, Mercury retrograde influences you in the area of creativity, hobbies, romance and children, so in the following period you might feel like re-evaluating the way you express your creative gifts and your inner child. How do you allow yourself to be inspired? How do you find joy and love? Stay mindful if you’re starting a new romance- try to avoid repeating the same patterns from your past. The New Moon on the 23rd marks a new beginning in this same area of creativity and romance for you. What do you really want from a romantic connection? How do you feel loved and satisfied? You may want more freedom to speak up and to pursue your own interests at this time. Try not to rush things- this is a time to think, think, think-, reflect on your dreams and desires and set your intentions for the following six months. Around the 25th, you might be feeling more reactive than usual at your workplace; tensions could escalate, so stay mindful of your anger. This anger might just be leading you towards more autonomy and responsibility.

Magical Dates:

Love: 1-7 (Venus in your house of romance), especially 2; 13, 20, 23 (New Moon in your house of romance)

Career: 9 (Full Moon in your house of career), 22, 24, 25

Money: 20

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 2/9

New Moon: 2/23 

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