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February Monthly Horoscope - Sagittarius

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on February 02 2020

Dear Sagittarius, starting from the 3rd, you’ll prefer to keep your thoughts private and to follow intuition rather than logic. Starting from the 7th, you’ll find love and pleasure by investing passion in your hobbies, being creative and pursuing a romantic partner… or letting yourself be pursued. On the 9th, the Leo Full Moon illuminates the area of travel, higher studies, beliefs, knowledge and freedom, bringing the harvest of the seeds you’ve sown last August. How have you been following your heart when it comes to connecting to Spirit and expanding your horizons? What important information or results are now coming to the surface- about your beliefs, spiritual practice, studies or relationship with foreign countries? Your natural tendency towards adventure and optimism is highlighted at this time. Around the 10th, past wounds linked to romantic relationships could come up, especially connected to your need to be validated and loved. Ask yourself what part of you has been hurt and how you can take back your confidence and your creativity from situations that drained you. Starting from the 16th, you’ll get an extra boost of energy when it comes to the financial and material sector, so don’t be afraid to take initiative, whether we’re talking about a new business idea or a better way to organize your finances. You could also be more possessive or stubborn than usual, so stay mindful of your first impulse, noticing and questioning instead of reacting immediately. Also starting from the 16th, Mercury retrograde influences you in the area of home, family, emotions and security, so in the following period you might feel like re-evaluating your choice of home or your relationship with your family and with your inner child. How do you process your feelings? How do you find security in the middle of constant change? The New Moon on the 23rd marks a new beginning in this same area of home and family for you. It might feel confusing, especially as you might need more independence in your finances and career choices. At this time, independence and change can paradoxically lead to more security. Don’t rush things if you want to make a change at home or in your family dynamics- this is a time to think, think, think- , reflect on your deepest emotions and needs and set your intentions for the following six months. Around the 23rd, something else to be mindful of are the boundaries you’re setting in your romantic relationship, as well as linked to pleasure and self-indulgence.

Magical Dates:

Love: 5, 7-29 (Venus in your house of romance), especially 21, 24, 26, 28

Career: 5, 26, 28

Money: 3

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

Full Moon: 2/9

New Moon: 2/23 

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