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Does a Law on Human Attraction Exist?

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on April 11 2019

“Opposites attract” is a law of attraction, at least where electromagnetism is concerned. But are there laws about attraction between two people? “In a world that is full of strangers” as a line in a famous song of the 1980’s goes, is there a clear set of rules that allows two people to fall for each other? Are we all connected with an invisible thread or is there something more more basic between us?

Is attraction a matter of chemistry?

It may very well be.. According to scientists, the attraction between animals of the opposite sex is all about chemicals called pheromones. It has been observed, at least in some experiments, that pheromones are responsible for communication among same species and colony of ants.

Some scientists believe that animals (usually the females) such as insects and mammals send out these chemical signals to tell the male of their species that their genes are different from theirs. This gene diversity is important in producing offspring with better chances of survival.

Lately, scientists are looking into the existence of human pheromones and its role in mate selection.Swiss researchers from the University of Bern led by Klaus Wedekind are slowly making these scientists to pay more attention to their studies with the experiments they are conducting. Their experiment involved women sniffing the cotton shirts of different men during their ovulation period.

It was found out that women prefer the smell of men’s shirts that were genetically different, but also shared similarities with the women’s genes. This, like in the case of insects and other mammals, was to ensure better and healthier characteristics for their future children. So what does this really mean? Is there no such thing as beauty? Is it all just pheromones talking, and everything we think and perceive is merely a misconception?

Does personality figure in sexual attraction?

Yes, but so does your perception of a potential mate’s personality. We prefer a certain personality type, which attracts you to a person. But aside from the actual personality of the person, which can only be verified through close interaction through time, it is your perception of your potential partner that attracts you to him/her, whether the person of your affection truly has that kind of personality or not. This could probably account for a statement commonly heard from men and women on their failed relationships: “I thought he/she was this kind of person.”

So how does attraction figure in relationships?

You have probably heard that attraction is a prelude, or a factor towards a relationship. Well,  probably. At least in the beginning; but attraction alone cannot make a relationship work. It is that attraction that makes you notice a person from the opposite sex, but once you get to know the person more, attraction is just one consideration. Shared values, dreams, and passions become more significant in long-term relationships.

So should I stop trying to become attractive?

More than trying to become physically attractive, work on all aspects of your health: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Where your emotions are concerned, just ask this to yourself: would you want to spend time with a person who feels insecure about him/herself? Probably not! There is wisdom in knowing yourself: who you are, your beliefs, values, and dreams. And do not pretend to be someone you are not. Fooling another person by making him/her think that you share the same values and beliefs is only going to cause you both disappointments.

When you are healthy in all aspects, attractiveness becomes a consequence and not an end. Your little spark, and your piece of magic make you who you are. Loving yourself the way you are and knowing how much your little spark matters is truly an art. The thing is, we have more to offer than we ever thought we could. Sometimes it isn’t enough for people and sometimes it’s too much. And sometimes it’s just enough. Those are the people with true worth, the people who ignite your tiny spark instead of shutting it down. Working on yourself and understanding yourself is tiring and confusing, but it’s always worthed.

So, ignite your spark, connect with yourself, explore the depths of your soul and most importantly enjoy yourself every minute of everyday and the rest will fall into place.



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