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December Monthly Horoscope - Taurus

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on November 29 2020

Dear Taurus, the 5th is a great time for nurturing your relationships by seeing the best in people and connecting to loved ones on a deeper level. You’re supported to bring compassion and softness to your interactions. 

The 9th warns you to keep your head clear and to avoid letting yourself too influenced by external expectations, opinions, or energy, but it also creates a good context for shadow work, compassion, and art. You could feel bolder than usual around the 11th, even if it might be more of an inner resolve than an outer explosion. At the same time, you could run into an ex-flame, an old business partner, a person who hurt you or was hurt by you, or you could find yourself in situations where you’re asked to integrate- but not repeat- the past when it comes to sexuality, shared resources, power and vulnerability, trauma and transformation.

Around the 14th, you might feel all kinds of thoughts and emotions stirring up as you’re embarking on a new beginning in the area of sexuality, shared finances and resources, deep psychology, and transformation with the Sagittarius mid-month Eclipse. What old resentments, desires (perhaps the desire to constantly be right, or in control), and fears are you shedding, and what is shifting in your life- perhaps in an unexpected, transformative way- to open up a new path? Another big thing is coming up for you: Jupiter and Saturn are entering your 10th house of career, long-term goals and public image. For the following two years, your work and your mission will take center stage in your life, asking you to have faith in your path and to share your talents with generosity, but also to organize yourself and to take responsibility for your role in society. The following years could bring twists that challenge your need for comfort. We trust you to go with the flow and to find a sense of safety as you go.

On the 21st, the one-of-a-kind Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is a great time to envision a new practical ideal for your career. What do you want to build for the long term? What difference do you want your work to make in the world? Set your intentions and reflect on concrete steps that you can take to make your vision come true, keeping in mind that the effects of this cosmic moment will be felt for the next 20 (!) years. Starting from this same day, Capricorn season brings a focus on learning, exploration, and spiritual practice for the following month, while the 23rd can bring unconscious conflicts to the surface, or trigger opinion clashes and power games. Remember to stay centered in your power, and to embrace the level of assertiveness that you’re capable of right now.

The Cancer Full Moon on the 29th can bring insights and deep emotions to the surface, highlighting your education, your communication projects, your relationship with friends and siblings, and your way of thinking. You’re challenged to integrate emotions and objectivity, reason and faith, a focus on your needs and on your immediate environment with a more broad-minded, adventurous perspective. Be kind to yourself on this Full Moon, find the point where your thoughts meet your emotions, and notice how it all plays out in your body. The 31st is another day when someone from your past- perhaps a guide, a teacher, or someone from abroad - could reappear in your life.

Magical Dates:

Love: 10, 11

Career: 15, 19, 21

Money: -

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon (Total Solar Eclipse): 14/12

Full Moon: 29/12

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